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●What is Oyakodon? Now on oyakodon recipes. Japanese food that is easy to make and delicious.

What is the food you want to eat in Japan? Also, what kind of food do you think of when you think of Japan?
Sushi, Tempura, Soba...

There are many Japanese food, but local food is also very delicious. So this time, we will tell you about popular Japanese food that people visiting Japan said were delicious when they ate Japanese food on TV specials.
The Japanese cuisine is【Oyakodon】.

What is oyakodon?

Oyakodon is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg ingredients and served on a bed of warm rice.
The reason why Oyakodon is called Oyako is very simple. The meaning of "Oyako" is "Parent and Child".
An egg is born from a chicken and a chicken is born from an egg. Therefore, it means parent and child with chicken and egg.
To begin with, a "Donburi" is a bowl of rice, the staple food of the Japanese people, topped with side dishes. In other words, it could be called Japan's first one-plate dish. Originally, rice and side dishes were eaten separately, but now they are combined into a single dish. The appeal of "Donburi" is that when eaten together, the taste is more than 1 + 1 = 2.

History of Oyakodon

Around 1887, a customer at Tamahide, a restaurant specializing in chicken dishes in Tokyo, had the leftover meat and warishita from the closing of a chicken Sukiyaki (a dish in which the meat is mixed with an egg) and ate it with rice. This was called " Oyako-ni "parent and child boiled rice"). Later, in 1894, TOKU, the wife of HIDEYOSHI, the fifth generation owner of Tamahide, made this oyako-ni into an easy to eat dish served on rice, which is said to be the origin of Oyakodon.

Oyakodon Recipe. Let's try making Oyakodon!

Ingredients/serves 2

・3 1/2 oz (100g) chicken thighs or chicken breast
・Onion (1/2 onion)
・Eggs - 3 (3 eggs)
・Rice ... 2 bowl portions of rice


Stock (soup stock) - 150ml
Sake (sake) - 2 Tbsp (2 tablespoons)
Sugar (2 Tbsp)
Mirin (sweet cooking sake) - 2 Tbsp (2 Tbsp)
Soy sauce (soy sauce) - 2 Tbsp (2 Tbsp)
Mirin is sweet cooking sake.

※If you don’t have the above seasonings, try cooking with Japanese all-purpose Hontuyu(Noodle soup base). It's very easy to cook with Hontuyu.

Kikkoman Japanese Noodle Soup Base(Hon Tsuyu) 17 FL Oz

How to make

1. Cut chicken and onion into desired size. Remove fat and excess skin from chicken. Beat the egg lightly and set aside.

2. Add [seasonings] and mix well. (If using Hontuyu, this step is not necessary.)

3. Put the broth prepared in step 2 into a stewpot and bring to a boil.(If using Hontsuyu, add Hontsuyu to the stewpot and bring to a simmer after diluting with the amount of water indicated on the package.)

4.Add the chicken and onions and bring to a simmer.

5. When the chicken and onions are cooked, pour the beaten egg around the outside and cover. Cook for 30 seconds while shaking the stewpot.

6. Serve warm rice in a bowl.

7. Turn off the heat and transfer to the bowl.

Oyakodon is done!

※Adjust the consistency of the egg to your liking. If you like them hard, cook them longer. If you like them soft, cook them shorter. Japanese eggs can be eaten raw, but we don't know what eggs are available in your country, so please follow the egg situation in your country.

※If you have Mitsuba (Stalks trefoil), please sprinkle it on top of the egg in the finished Oyakodon. It will add flavor and make your Oyakodon more authentic.

Oyakodon is a Japanese traditional cuisine

It's easy to make at home. Oyakodon is a national dish that can be easily made at home and eaten at a variety of restaurants, including soba and udon restaurants, mizutaki restaurants, yakitori restaurants, and cafeterias. Recently, oyakodon at convenience stores has become popular for its ingenuity and high quality! It has become a popular dish.
Let's try to cook the most powerful "healing rice bowl" in the world of rice bowls that everyone, from children to the elderly, can feel at home and enjoy. You will surely feel Japan and enjoy your meal with a smile.

Thank you.

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