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●Fried tofu is a healthy food that contains 5 nutrients. It’s a food that is also effective for beauty.

What is fried tofu(Abura age) made of?

Abura-age is a thin bag of deep-fried tofu. It is also called "thin fried tofu" because of its appearance, but it is actually made from tofu.Abura-age is made by frying thinly sliced tofu in oil. The thinness of the dough allows heat to penetrate to the inside, resulting in a bag-like shape.

By way of comparison, thick fried tofu used in oden and nabe (hot pot) is made by deep frying tofu without cutting it into pieces. This type is thicker and has the texture of tofu.

What nutrients does deep-fried tofu have?

When one hears the phrase "abura-age is rich in nutrients," one wonders what kind of nutrients it contains.
Abura-age, which is made by frying tofu, contains the same nutrients as tofu, and some of them seem to be easier to obtain than soy milk.

Here are some fried tofu nutrients that you should definitely pay attention to.

1、Soy isoflavone


Soy isoflavones are nutrients also found in soy milk. It is similar to the female hormone estrogen and improves skin tone and elasticity. Abura-age contains a little less than twice as much soy isoflavone as soy milk. Just half a serving of fried tofu is all you need to get your daily intake!

It is a great way to get the nutrients you need for your skin just by adding a little bit to your daily diet.

Beauty point

Q: How much should I take per day?
A:Aim for an intake of 40 to 50 mg per day.

Q:Are there any others that work like estrogen?
A:In addition to soybeans, isoflavones are found in the herb red clover, the legume Pueraria mirifica, and foods with similar functions, such as pomegranate, flax seeds (used in bread and cookie dough in Northern Europe), and rye, which have recently been used as ingredients in supplements.

Q: Are there any adverse effects of overdose?
A: The ideal daily intake of isoflavones is 40 mg to 50 mg.
Although larger amounts are eliminated from the body, it is not advisable to consume excessive amounts such as 5 or 10 grams. Even though it is a naturally occurring compound, too much is not good.

2、Soy protein

Don't we all tend to consume protein in the form of meat? If your diet consists only of meat, you may be concerned about nutritional balance. In such a case, we recommend fried bean curd, which contains a lot of soy protein.

Soy protein has the same nutritional value as the protein found in meat, and it also helps with digestion and absorption.

Compared to meat, it does not contain too much fat, so you can easily add it to your cooking.
It is a great source of protein for those who exercise, as well as for those who do not normally exercise.

Many athletes in the U.S. take soy protein.
Although soy protein is a vegetable protein, its amino acid score and utilization efficiency are competitive with animal protein.

3、Soy Saponins

Soy saponin, a nutrient found not only in soybeans but also in matcha green tea and coffee, is a lipolytic. It is a great way to "break down cholesterol and neutral fat" while eating rice.

Moreover, soy saponins prevent glucose absorbed in the intestines from attaching to fatty acids, thus preventing excess fat from accumulating. Just by incorporating fried tofu, not only does it break down fat, it also helps prevent obesity, so it's a nutrient you'll want to be proactive about!

Other Nutrients

Abura-age also contains vitamin E, which has strong antioxidant properties, and minerals such as calcium and iron, which strengthen bones, making it an excellent ingredient for a healthy meal.

For those who cannot get fried tofu but still want to try soy products
Soybean Meat
Edamame (soybeans)
Natto (natto may be available at Asian food stores)

Abura-age is rich in nutrients

Abura-age, which is mainly composed of soybeans, also contains many nutrients. It is also a highly recommended food for beauty and health conscious people.
Eating it every day may change your internal environment.
I eat natto every day. 1 pack a day contains 40g~45g as a guide. People who are not used to eating natto do not like the smell of natto. (Especially, many foreign visitors to Japan don't like the smell of natto.)
In such cases, how about tofu?
Tofu has no smell and can be eaten with just a dash of soy sauce.
In summer, tofu is served cold (Japanese name: HIYAYAKKO), and in winter, tofu is scooped into hot water and eaten (Japanese name: YUDOUFU).
If you do not have fried tofu, there are many other soybean products available.
It is perfect for a healthy lifestyle as it is an easy way to consume nutrients.

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