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●Miracle Noodle Shirataki ! "Shirataki"as a diet food is sweeping the world.

Shirataki is a traditional food used in Japanese food.
In recent years, it has attracted attention in the world. Overseas, it is sold at restaurants that handle Japanese cuisine and at Japanese food supermarkets, but in Japan it is always sold at street supermarkets.

For overseas supermarkets and recipe sites

In the United States, noodles are a popular diet for noodles, and there are many recipe sites, and they are also listed at Walmart's Asian food corner. In Japan, it is one of the ingredients for hot pots, but overseas it is treated as noodles (noodles).

In the United Kingdom, a trendy diet method (a method of fasting two days a week) recommends incorporating shirataki noodles. Some websites show how to use shirataki noodles in videos. It was becoming a popular person in the world when the Japanese did not know.

 Popular as a diet food

In the Netherlands, it is called "Miracle Noodle" instead of "Shirataki". It's a magical noodle that gets thinner. The style of knot konjac which is a classic of Oden is fashionable! It is a topic. Certainly it looks like a ribbon and may look cute again.

France is one of the most popular in Europe, and it has a recipe book for noodles, and there are 50 kinds of French noodles combined with vegetables.

In addition, in Australia, women who are lean and thin appear on magazine covers, and in Spain, "Slim Pasta" and "Pasta Zero" are said to be popular among women. It seems that the creatures are no longer the ones we know, but are becoming global.

Shirataki is a substitute for noodles

"Shirataki noodle diet! Contains more than 30 recipes that resemble noodles, such as pasta, pho, udon, and fried noodles. Certainly, if you make it a little darker, such as chilled Chinese, it seems that you can eat it without discomfort.

In Japan, konjac noodles with okara are popular when it comes to diet noodles. It is softer and softer than shirataki. Shirataki itself is konjac itself, so the chewing response may be a little too high, so it may be tempered with okara.

Reasons for overseas popularity

27.2% of Japanese eat once a month and 25.1% eat twice or three times a month. Many people choose udon, ramen and buckwheat when noodles are eaten.

Overseas people eat pasta more often than Americans who eat rice, and Italians consume 14.2 times more pasta annually than Japanese. The United States is about 3.5 times Japan's (according to Japan Pasta Association). Therefore, the effect of replacing the noodles with shirataki seems to be easily apparent.

 There are also e-books overseas!

When I searched on Amazon, I was able to find several English recipe e-books for "Shirataki". When I read the free "HCG Shirataki Noodle Recipes for Phase 2", I found very stylish recipes such as "cold cucumber soup with lobster medallion".

After all, it is attractive to have almost no calories, no sugar, and abundant dietary fiber. If you leave it unopened, it will last for a month or more, so it seems good to save it and use it to fill your hungry. Even in Japan, it might be better to make more fashionable activities.

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