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●[Sashimi Konnyaku] and Japanese original konnyaku culture.

There are various foods in Japan, but there are many foods with relatively low calories.
Many foods are cooked or boiled rather than fried.
In addition, Sashimi Konnyaku, which I will introduce this time, is also a food that stimulates intestinal activity because it is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber.
Now let's talk about Sashimi Konnyaku.

What is Sashimi Konnyaku?

Konnyaku that we usually eat Konnyaku made from potatoes has a strong scent, so it is normal to boil and eat it after removing the scent. On the other hand, sashimi Konnyaku has the characteristic that you can eat it as it is when you cut it, with almost no smell or smell of Konnyaku.

The difference between sashimi Konnyaku and ordinary Konnyaku lies in the difference in raw materials. Sashimi konnyaku is made from "Seiko", which is made by refining Konnyaku potatoes into powder. Sashimi Konnyaku uses Seiko, which has less astringency, as its raw material, has more water than regular Konnyaku, and many of them are seasoned with yuzu or seaweed to make them easier to eat.

Although attention is paid to the function of nourishing the human body, excretion is also very important for the body.
It turns out that eating sashimi Konnyaku is a low-calorie diet that is good for dieting and cleans your body.

Actually, Konnyaku is getting a lot of attention all over the world. Let's talk about the deep relationship between Japanese and Konnyaku.

Konnyaku has supported the health of the Japanese

Konnyaku is a traditional food that Japanese people have eaten since ancient times.
Actually, it has been supporting the health of the Japanese people since ancient times.

Japanese people often used to eat Konnyaku, which has been eaten as a "stomach cleaner".
Why did you eat Konnyaku, which doesn't taste very good?

It seems that old Japanese people ate Konnyaku for the purpose of bowel movements after meals and cleaning of the body. It is said that "Konnyaku is a sand blaster." You can see that the Japanese knew the power of Konnyaku as a sensation from their daily meals.

Konnyaku is a familiar food that has been eaten since ancient times,
Recently, many people have shunned that "it doesn't taste" and "there are few dishes that can be used." However, Konnyaku has great power.

Japan's unique food culture considering "emission"

Konnyaku's dietary fiber, which doesn't aim for "intake" of nutrition but considers "excretion", is a rare custom in the world.

Now Konnyaku being reviewed in the world

Konnyaku's Healthy Power Now, as obesity and lifestyle-related diseases are becoming a problem in developed countries as a whole, low-calorie Konnyaku, which contains dietary fiber, is being reviewed as a healthy diet. With the low-sugar diet of Konnyaku rice and Konnyaku pasta booming in France, the world is receiving new attention.

I also eat Sashimi Konnyaku as a side dish for dinner.
I like eating with mustard vinegar miso so I eat it deliciously.

They sell it all season at the supermarket, but it makes me happy when I eat it on a hot summer night.
Also, 1 pack is about 100 yen, which is a good price.
Sashimi Konnyaku, which is perfect for dieting and detoxification, should be included in your meal.

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