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●List of dishes using konnyaku
Here are some dishes that use konjac. In the previous konjac article, I introduced the types of konjac. Actually, konjac has a konjac shape like a thread by saying "Shirataki".

What is Shirataki?

“Shirataki” is the same as konjac. After adding calcium hydroxide as a coagulant, it is taken out into the hot water from a place like a shower outlet, and then washed and hardened.

What is the difference between Thread konjac and Shirataki?

Thread konjac … Thickness: 4-8mm Manufacturing method: Extrude the hardened material like a tenten. It seems that some konjac is made by cutting it into thin pieces. Shirataki… Thickness: 2-3mm Manufacturing method: From a round hole in something like a watering can, Pour into 70 ° C hot water. The solidified object will be irritated while flowing. It seems that it was called Shirataki because of the pouring.

Cooking using “konnyaku” or “shirataki”

Meat and potatoes
Miso konjac
Boiled food
Such dishes can be eaten at Japanese restaurants in Japan. Healthy and low-calorie konjac is the perfect food for health. It ’s all delicious, so please try it.

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