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●Which is more nutritious? Thorough verification of white rice, germinated brown rice and multigrain rice!

What kind of “rice” do you eat in Japanese general households?
White rice is the most common, but an increasing number of households choose brown rice and multigrain rice with an awareness of diet and health. This time, we will compare the calories and sugars of white rice, germinated brown rice, and multigrain rice to verify which rice is suitable for dieting.

1:Characteristics and nutrition of white rice

White rice

Characteristics of white rice

There are many foods called "Japanese national food" such as ramen and udon. However, at the heart of Japanese food culture, the most important thing in Japanese food is "rice". In Japan, rice has been eaten for over 3000 years. The more history that was used as an annual tribute than mere food, the more closely related rice was to Japanese history and life. Currently, the most commonly eaten rice is "white rice". White rice is brown rice that has been eaten by the upper class since the Edo period, but the general public began to eat it after the war. It is delicious alone, and has a good compatibility with various dishes.

Is white rice suitable for dieting?

The diet method "Carbohydrate-free diet" that eats only side dishes by removing staple foods such as rice and bread has been popular for decades, changing its shape. It is not uncommon for some people to routinely reduce the amount of rice even if they do not eliminate the staple food. But is rice really an enemy of diet? One bowl of rice is about 140 to 160 g. Calorie is about 269kcal. And the carbohydrate (carbohydrate) to be worried about during a diet is about 60 g (the calculation method of carbohydrate is carbohydrate-dietary fiber). A diet that pulls out white rice drains moisture from the body, so it can be said that there is a corresponding change in weight. However, it is also true that by removing white rice, metabolism important to the human body is suppressed. So, isn't there anything that is suitable for dieting even among the many rice? In the following chapters, I would like to see germinated brown rice and multigrain rice.

Calories in White Rice: 269kcal / 160g
White rice sugar: about 60g / 160g
(Source: Food ingredient database / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

2:Characteristics and nutrition of germinated brown rice

Brown Rice

Characteristics of brown rice

In recent years, young people have begun to be aware of health and food safety. Many people choose foods with an awareness of diet and health. Until a long time ago, “rice”, the staple food of Japanese people, was naturally polished white rice, but recently, brown rice, germinated brown rice, multigrain rice , etc. Has also been chosen as a staple food for many families. Unpolished rice, the raw material for white rice, is rice that has had its rice husks removed from the harvested rice. Unlike white rice, it is colored light brown or yellow. The rice bran layer contains a lot of vitamins and fats, but it is inevitably higher in nutritive value than brown rice because it is removed when it is polished to white rice. However, rice cookers for white rice have the disadvantage that the texture is poor and they can’t be cooked deliciously.

What is germinated brown rice

"Sprouted brown rice" is a slightly germinated brown rice that has been sprouting for a certain period. Germinated brown rice is richer in nutrition than brown rice, which has higher nutritional value than white rice. It is particularly rich in GABA, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, etc. that act as neurotransmitters and have anti-stress effects. Also, it tastes better than brown rice and is easy to digest. There are many merits such as being suitable for rice cookers for white rice, but the price is high accordingly.

Is germinated brown rice suitable for dieting?

Brown rice contains so much nutrients necessary for the human body that it is called “complete nutrition”. Germinated brown rice, which is richer in nutrients than brown rice, is suitable for diet and for improving the intestinal environment. The calorie of sprouted brown rice is about 267 kcal for about 160 g of rice and about 53 g of carbohydrates. Although it is almost the same calorie as 269kcal white rice, there is a difference in GI value. The lower the GI value, the more rapid the blood sugar level can be suppressed. Therefore, if you are conscious of diet, you cannot ignore it. The GI value of white rice is 81, but brown rice is 55 and germinated brown rice is 54. Germinated brown rice is better for diet than white rice.

Calories in Germinated Brown Rice: 267 kcal / 160g
Germinated brown rice sugar: about 53g / 160g
(Source: Food Ingredients Database / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Germinated Brown Rice / FANCL)

3:Characteristics and nutrition of multigrain rice

Multigrain rice

Characteristics of multigrain rice

Multigrain rice is rice that is blended with white rice. For example, it is a mixture of multiple grains such as rice cakes, black rice, quinoa, pressed wheat, sesame seeds, and amaranth. By mixing with white rice, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals can be added, and the nutritional value is high. There are many choices such as 30 grains of rice, 25 grains of rice, 21 grains of rice, and 16 grains of rice. The advantage is that you can select the nutrients you want to add. It is also attractive that you can enjoy a different texture and flavor depending on the type of millet blended. In addition, it is delicious even with rice balls, and it looks vivid.

Is multigrain rice suitable for dieting?

Because multigrain rice has different calories depending on the blended multigrain rice, it can’t be said to be ◯◯ kcal.
Remember that it is almost the same as white rice. The same applies to sugars, and there is a range depending on the cereals to be blended. It contains more nutrients such as dietary fiber, protein, minerals, and calcium than white rice, but it cannot be generally said whether it is suitable for dieting because the health effects differ depending on the blended cereals. However, it is easier to feel fullness even with a small amount because it can enjoy a texture and is crunchier than white rice. If you are conscious of diet, it is recommended over white rice, but if you expect a diet effect, germinated brown rice will be the best.


He explained the types of rice suitable for dieting. Even if you are conscious of diet and health, it is difficult to limit the amount of food and what you want to eat. Choose healthier rice and eat it deliciously. By the way, germinated brown rice is more expensive than brown rice, but it can be made from brown rice that is sold in the state of straw. If you are interested, try it. It may be ants to make mixed grains with brown rice‼

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