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●The newest Onigiri filling!Japanese Popular onigiri filling list.

Onigiri has always been a convenient carry-on meal, a staple lunch box, and a representative of the taste of mothers.
Japan's Onigiri culture is now spreading all over the world.
In Japan, it is widely popular as a light snack that you can easily buy at any convenience store in the city.
There is also a shop specializing in Onigiri, and about 20 kinds of Onigiri are on sale.

Now, I would like to briefly explain what I want to convey this time.

1. Japanese standard Onigiri ingredients
2. Interesting Onigiri ingredients
3. Onigiri store in Japan

1. Japanese classic Onigiri ingredients

・Flaked tuna mixed with mayo

Tuna Mayo Onigiri is a Japanese classic Onigiri.

If you get lost, first select this Onigiri.

・Grilled salmon

The grilled salmon Onigiri has a good amount of salt and is the most comfortable onigiri for children to eat. It's easy to eat because it contains grilled and loosened salmon.

・Pickled plum(Umeboshi)

Umeboshi is sour, so it's perfect when you want to eat a refreshing Onigiri. This is Onigiri that I would like you to try once in Japan.

・Sea kelp

The kelp Onigiri does not contain kelp as it is, but contains kelp Tsukudani. The kelp Tsukudani is suitable for rice because the kelp is boiled sweet and salty.
・Salt Onigiri

Salt Onigiri is a simple Onigiri made of only salt and rice. The only seasoning used is salt, so you can enjoy the taste of rice. The more you chew the rice, the sweeter you will feel.
・Spicy cod roe

Mentaiko is an egg of Alaska pollack. Spicy Mentaiko and Tarako are different, but Spicy Mentaiko is spicy. There are 2 kinds of raw mentaiko and roasted tarako. If you like, we recommend grilled octopus when you give it to your children, and mentaiko with spicy pepper when you eat it.
・Salmon roe

Salmon roe is a salmon egg. Like salmon roe used in sushi, salmon roe used in Onigiri has already been seasoned because it is pickled in soy sauce. You can feel free to eat salmon roe.

・Bonito flakes

Okaka is simple with Katuobushi as a soy sauce flavor. It is a popular Onigiri with a deep flavor.

2. Funny onigiri ingredients

We have introduced the popular Onigiri, but next we will introduce Onigiri that people who like Onigiri eat. Each is very delicious.

・Templa shrimp onigiri

There is tempura in Onigiri. It has shrimp tempura and is seasoned with Mentuyu.

・Red rice

Red rice is rice cooked and eaten at celebrations. I usually cook with Mochi rice, but I can also cook with Uruchi rice. It's a salty sesame salt so it has a chewy texture and no habit.

・Fried rice

This is Onigiri from fried rice. It is seasoned with Chinese style. This is Onigiri, a fried rice that both children and adults love.
・Omelette rice

Onigiris, which is made by wrapping ketchup chicken rice in lightly roasted eggs, is Western food Onigiri.
・Tori Gomoku

This is Onigiri, which is cooked rice with chicken and boiled vegetables mixed together. It is seasoned with soy sauce, but it has a nostalgic taste with the flavor of each vegetable.

・Brown rice rice ball

Brown rice Onigiri is a healthy Onigiri. Healthy people prefer to eat. Brown rice contains more dietary fiber than white rice.

・Spicy Takana leaves mixed Onigiri

This is Onigiri, which is mixed with spicy vegetables.
It is Onigiri that uses a leaf called Takana. It's spicy, but the spiciness is irresistible and delicious.

・Fried chicken

This is Onigiri with fried chicken. It contains fried garlic ginger soy sauce flavored chicken so it goes well with white rice. Recommended for those who are wondering which Onigiri to eat.

・Nozawana shirasu

It is a salty Onigiri that uses vegetables and sardines called Nozawana. It has a good nutritional balance and a simple taste, so it's very delicious.

・Red shiso

This is Onigiri using red shiso. When making umeboshi, it is soaked in red shiso so it's made from shiso.

We use shiso that is dried and finely crushed. It has a simple taste, but it's refreshing, so it's Onigiri that you want to eat in the summer season.

・Grilled onigiri

Grilled Onigiri is an Onigiri made by soaking in soy sauce.

Since the surface is baked, you can enjoy the scent of soy sauce and the crispy texture.

3. Onigiri store in Japan

Omusubi GONBEI

It is a famous Onigiri specialty store in Japan. Onigiri using white rice and brown rice is sold. The contents of Onigiri are, of course, but Onigiri, which is made with particular attention to rice, is very delicious.


Omusubidokoro HONNORIYA

They are particular about taste, ingredients, and hand-made products, and devote themselves to their daily lives at the store. They have stores in Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures, mainly at stations in the Tokyo Yamanote Line area.



Since we call it rice ball shop, we are particular about not only selecting rice but also how to make it.

For example, how to cook is adjusted not only by the performance of the rice cooker, but also by the type of rice and the temperature of the day. For example, the grip is as soft as wrapping cotton candy inside, and firmly outside.

While valuing the "normalness" that seems to be at the dining table of any home, they are convinced that a unique taste that mixes nostalgia and simplicity can bring smiles to customers.
That is why the taste is not as delicious as at a convenience store, and that does not mean that it is unsatisfactory.



Made from 100% "phantom rice" from Iiyama, Nagano, which is perfect for rice balls that are sweet and delicious even if you chill.
Please enjoy the delicious rice balls that you can enjoy and enjoy such as local rice balls from 47 prefectures.



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