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●Have you heard about Japanese fish sausage? Everyone is talking about it!

A fish sausage that can be eaten as it is and easily eaten as a side dish or snack. It is made from fish and has a rich nutritional image, but do you know what nutrients and calories it contains?
In this article, I will tell you about fish sausages that are popular in the world, comparing them with meat sausages.

Full nutrition! What is the nutrition of fish sausage?

The protein contained in fish sausage is 11.5g per 100g.

Protein is a constituent component of muscles and skin, as well as a component that regulates body functions such as hormones and enzymes, and is an essential nutrient for maintaining life. Lack of protein can lead to stunted growth and weakened physical strength and immunity.

DHA contained in fish sausage is 50 mg per 100 g.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is often contained in blue fish. DHA works by increasing good cholesterol in the blood and reducing neutral fat. In addition, it is said to be a nutrient that activates the brain, which exists in parts of the brain that are involved in memory and learning.

The EPA contained in fish sausage is 18 mg per 100 g.

EPA (icosapentaenoic acid / eicosapentaenoic acid) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is abundant in blue fish like DHA. It is a component that must be taken from the diet because it cannot be synthesized by the body. Like DHA, it works by increasing good cholesterol in the blood and reducing neutral fat and bad cholesterol. It is said that EPA and DHA act synergistically when taken together.

Calcium contained in fish sausage is 100 mg per 100 g.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, which is a constituent of bones and teeth.
It is involved in the formation of bones, so lacking them can weaken the bones and teeth and can also affect bone health.
It is said that absorption with vitamin D will increase absorption.

Calorie and sugar content of fish sausage

Calorie and sugar content of 1 fish sausage (100g)
Energy amount (calorie)……161kcal
Sugar mass……12.6g

Compare with other pastes and sausages

・Grilled Chikuwa

Energy amount (calorie)……121kcal
Sugar mass……13.5g

・Wiener sausage

Energy amount (calorie)……321kcal
Sugar mass……3.0g

Frankfurt sausage

Energy amount (calorie)……298kcal
Sugar mass……6.2g
(All are calculated per 100g)

In meat sausages, the sugar content is lower than in fish sausages, but the calories can be about twice as high as in fish sausages.
On the other hand, the same fish paste, roasted chikuwa, has lower calories and slightly higher sugar content than fish sausage.
Meat has a higher protein mass.
In each case, the amount of salt is as high as 1.9 to 2.4 g per 100 g, so be careful not to take too much.

Is the nutritional value of fish sausage suitable for dieting?

Fish sausage can be said to be a suitable ingredient when you want to reduce calories while taking protein during a diet.
Meat sausages are rich in low amounts of calcium, DHA, and EPA, and can supplement nutrients that tend to be deficient.

However, the amount of sugar is not small, so be careful about how much you eat.

Fish sausage can be eaten as it is without cooking, and it is a simple and easy-to-use ingredient.

For more efficient nutrition, it is recommended to take with foods containing β-carotene and vitamin E, which prevent the oxidation of DHA and EPA in the body. Beta-carotene is found in green-yellow vegetables, and vitamin E is found in sesame and nuts.

Let's easily nourish with fish sausage

Fish sausages are rich in DHA and calcium and are low in calories. Even if you don't like fish, it's easy to eat, and it's nice that you can easily eat it without cooking. If you take it in as a snack or replace it with meat, you can reduce calories.

I often eat fish sausage as Pikata or stir with ginger and soy sauce. Children eat fish sausages that cook nothing.

However, it cannot be said that the amount of sugar and salt is low. Try to incorporate it into your daily diet while paying attention to how much you eat.

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