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●What is konnyaku jelly? Low calorie and diet.

Konnyaku jelly made from konnyaku in Japan is low in calories, has various flavors and is a very delicious jelly.
Rich in dietary fiber, it is said to be very good for constipation.
Both me and the children are eating konnyaku jelly.
Therefore, I will tell you about the nutrition and ingredients of Konnyaku jelly, and things to be careful when eating.

What is Konnyaku Jelly

Jelly confectionery using konnyaku as a raw ingredients. Instead of agar or gelatin, konnyaku powder is used to solidify fruit juice.
It has a unique elasticity that is stronger than general jelly.
It is said to be rich in dietary fiber and has an intestinal regulating effect, and it is also preferred as a confectionery during dieting because it has a fairly low calorie content.
In Japan, many types that come in bite-sized mini cups are commercially available.
Konnyaku's main ingredient, glucomannan, is said to be effective in relieving constipation and suppressing cholesterol absorption.
It is a highly viscous polysaccharide and is used in konnyaku jelly mixed with a gelling agent such as gelatin.

Konnyaku jelly popular in Japan

Small pouch packs are safer and easier to eat than mini cup type Konnyaku jelly, and many supermarkets and drug stores also sell this type. Konnyaku jelly is recommended when you are hungry on a diet. It is low in calories, has elasticity and can be chewed and eaten, so you can be satisfied. It's a diet mate. We also recommend konnyaku jelly for diets with zero calories and zero sugar.


Orihiro Puru do and konnyaku jelly Series (Peach)
Konnyaku jelly that can enjoy the taste of peach even with low calories.
Low calorie Konnyaku jelly with 21% fruit juice and delicious peach sweetness.


Konnyaku jelly Grapefruit 4.59oz × 8  Calories 0 "Arum root" Healthy!
Konnyaku jelly that can enjoy the taste of grapefruit even with low calories
A low-calorie Konnyaku jelly with the sweetness of grapefruit. ORIHIRO's pouch type Konnyaku jelly is a thin spout with a diameter of 1 cm so that it will come out little by little when extruded.
Since it comes out by pushing it instead of the suction type, you can adjust the amount yourself.

Also, because it is made of a soft film, you can push it out lightly. It's a shape that you can lean against, so it's nice that you can put it on the table even if you don't have to eat it all at once. Recommended for those who want to eat sweet Konnyaku jelly.



Orihiro Puru do and konjac jelly latest popular set of 6 (Grape Peach Muscat Litchi pineapple-calorie grapefruit) or each 20gx6 (total of 6bags, 36pieces)

The mainstream of bite-sized konjac jelly is 6 to 10 per bag. If you eat too much, you will be hungry, so you should be careful about eating too much. For those who are originally hungry, the bite size is perfect because it is easy to determine the amount.

There are also many flavors, so there is an advantage that you can enjoy various tastes easily.


Orihiro plan du Puru do and konjac jelly pouch apple + grape 20gx12 pieces X6 bags

One bite pouch type that you can enjoy two kinds of taste
Konnyaku jelly with fruits, apples and grapes eaten all over the world. There are not only one type, but two types, so you can enjoy the one you want depending on your mood. It is a bite pouch type.


Japanese Konnyaku jelly(Muscat and Orange), Konjac jelly, Jiggly jelly, Puru do (one bag)

One bite pouch type that you can enjoy two kinds of taste.
This is a konnyaku jelly containing two popular Muscat and citrus-fresh oranges. It is recommended for those who want to buy two types in any case. The bite pouch type konnyaku jelly comes out when you press the center.It is good that you can adjust the amount that comes out by adjusting your own strength. As it has inhalation prevention measures, it is perfect as a snack for kids. It's a bite size, so you'll never eat too much.

Konjac Jelly 50 Packages Japanese Famous Junk Food Snack Dagashi

At the Dagashi shop, where Japanese children go to buy, these stick-type konnyaku jelly are also sold. The stick type is easy to eat and you do not have to worry about getting stuck in your throat. It's intended for children, not adults, so the texture is not enough, but I'm happy that I can eat with kids.

How many konnyaku jelly can you eat a day?

konnyaku Jelly is recommended to eat two to three per day.
This is because the amount of dietary fiber is high, so the poo may become loose. Just because you have low calories can make you unhealthy if you eat a lot.

Be careful with Konnyaku jelly

Konnyaku jelly is more elastic than jelly without Konnyaku. He cautioned that there is a risk of accidents for children and the elderly who have weak chewing ability. The industry has also dealt with such things as reducing the usage rate of Konnyaku powder and displaying warning signs to encourage children and the elderly not to eat. Since many minicup jellies are "lacking safety", they decided to create indicators such as shape and hardness to reduce risk, and suggested the possibility of legislation.

Overseas, measures such as a ban on importing mini cup type Konnyaku jelly (US) and a ban on using Konnyaku for mini cup jelly (EU, South Korea) have been taken.


Konnyaku jelly, which is hard and has high elasticity, does not collapse naturally in the mouth, so it is important to chew it well before eating. Basically, it is better not to give to infants who can not crush and chew well yet. Whenever a child or older person after the age of 3 eats Konnyaku jelly, be sure to watch over someone's side.


Children and the elderly shouldn't eat, they should be eaten with care and always watch over. Whenever a child eats Konnyaku jelly, I always watch over it. It's softer than the Konnyaku jelly sold before, so I think it's easier to eat.


* Children and the elderly eating konnyaku jelly are responsible for themselves. This website is not responsible for eating of konnyaku jelly.

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