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● Have you eat? From how to cook delicious multigrain rice to completion

In the last article, “How to measure japanese multigrain rice.”, We talked about Japanese tablespoons.
There were new discoveries with different units and grams in how to measure in Japan and in the world.
Then, this time we will tell you how to cook multigrain rice from completion to completion, as I mentioned in the previous article.

Let's cook multigrain rice

Things to prepare

rice cooker
Rice (3gou)
multigrain (45g)
Salt (5g)

How to make multigrain rice

  1. Sharpen rice quickly
    The rice will absorb water first, so it will flow quickly.
  2. Sharpen about 10 times
  3. When the water is clear, put the sharpened rice into the inner pot of the rice cooker.
  4. Fill the 3gou line with water.
  5. Add multigrain. 3gou is about 3 tablespoons, so it's about 45g. Then add 45cc of water.
  6. Add 5g of salt. (Please adjust)
  7. Stir the inner pot of rice cooker with multigrain rice.
  8. Soak in water for about an hour and a half.
  9. cooking rice started
    Just wait a few minutes...

After cooking, the bottom part of the inner pot of the rice cooker is dark rice from multigrain rice, so mix it lightly. (Move moisture away.)

Complete! !

It's a little salty multigrain rice, so it's delicious to eat onigiri.
It can be eaten comfortably with omelet rice, curry, hamburg, Chinese food and many other dishes.

Multigrain rice point

Soak in water for about an hour and a half. However, water must penetrate into plenty multigrain.
Depending on the type of multigrain, there is a hard-grained multigrain, so it may be hard to eat even after cooking. Let it absorb water well.

In Japan, there is a rice called [no sharpen rice].
Rice that can be cooked if only water is put in without sharpening is sold.
very convenient.
In this case, let's cook while adjusting with the amount of water written on the wash-free rice package.


multigrain rice is very easy to cook.
You will learn as soon as you get used to it. It is suitable for various dishes and has a higher nutritional value than white rice.
How about cooking once?
Let's challenge! !

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