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●Sakuradenbu is a Japanese food pink with a mild sweetness.

A dish similar to sweet and salty ground beef is called "Meat Soboro". And then there is "Fried egg" which is seasoned with sweetened egg, and "Sakura-denbu" which we want to share with you. The dish made is called a "three-color bowl".

Meat Soboro, fried egg and sakura-denbu are placed on top of rice.
In this issue, we will discuss what is Sakura-denbu? I'll explain what it's all about and tell you how to make it.

What is Sakura Denbu?

Sakura-denbu is made from familiar ingredients.
Sakura-denbu is made from white fish such as sea bream, seasoned sweetly and colored with red food coloring.
It is a kind of tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) and can be eaten as is.
But if you take advantage of the bright pink color of Sakura-denbu, you can create a cute presentation that is perfect for entertaining and parties.

How to make Sakura-dembu?


〇A piece of cod
☆Just over half a tablespoon of sugar
☆1 tablespoon of liquor(Sake)
☆A pinch of salt
★A little bit of food coloring(Red)or Beets
★A few drops of water

How to make

1. combine the ★ and melt it in a dish. Use a little amount of toothpick on the end of a toothpick for about five times.

2. Boil the cod with skin and bones removed. Boil the fish well.

3.Roughly break it up in a colander dipped in water. Remove hard parts of the meat and blood. Rub lightly and change the water about 5 times.

4.Wrap the flesh with kitchen paper and squeeze out the water. After draining the water, rub it with your fingertips to make it hollow. Remove any that cannot be loosened.

5. Put the broken flesh, ☆seasoning and a little bit of food coloring into the pan and cook over low heat, stirring well to release the water. Here we go. Be careful not to burn when you are about to finish.

6.When it becomes fluffy to some extent, turn off the heat and preheat it to remove the water.

※You can also make brightly colored red Sakuradenbu using the juice of beets instead of food coloring.

What are some of the dishes made with Sakuradenbu?

Sakuradenbu is used as one of the ingredients in some dishes rather than as a staple food. There are many delicious looking Japanese dishes.It is used on top of rice, of course, but sometimes it is mixed with rice to make colored rice.



Hinamatsuri sushi


Celebratory sushi

Sakura-denbu is a lovely cooking ingredient used in many different dishes.
It is also made from cod, so it is very healthy.
If you have beets, you can use beets.

Try using Sakuradenbu when you make a delicious meal.

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