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●Daikon oroshi (Grated radish)using Japanese food list

Daikon oroshi is used in various Japanese dishes.
Daikon oroshi Rather than being eaten as a main dish, Daikon oroshi is a food that is positioned as an accessory to the dish.
In another article, why grate and eat daikon. Also, is there nutrition?

So, this time, I will tell you which of the Japanese dishes used for Daikon oroshi.

Japanese cuisine list using Daikon oroshi

There are many Japanese dishes that use daikon oroshi. Since daikon oroshi is usually served with soy sauce, it has a light taste.

Oroshi udon

Shirasu oroshi

Dashi egg roll  with daikon oroshi


Fried chicken Oroshi sauce

Oroshi hamburg steak

Tonkatu(pork katu) with daikon oroshi sauce

Beef steak with daikon oroshi sause

Shirako ponzu


Daikon oroshi art of very lovely animals

In Japan, it is customary to cook and eat hot pot dishes during the winter season. There are various types of hot pot dishes, but there is a hot pot dish that contains Daikon oroshi. It is a type of hot pot dish called [Mizore hot pot].
A large amount of grated daikon radish is put in a pan, and it is called a miso-nabe because it looks like a snow sleet when it becomes translucent after a fire.
The photo of making cute animals using this large amount of Daikon oroshi became a topic.
Let me take a look at an example.

White bear mizore


Sanma with cat daikon oroshi


Cat mizore

Dashi egg roll  with cat daikon oroshi

Cat and snowman mizore

It takes a lot of work to make Daikon oroshi

For people who want to eat daikon oroshi casually.
If you want to eat Daikon oroshi in a casual way, you can find a delicious Oroshi sauce at a Japanese supermarket.

It's a soy sauce based sauce called Oroshi soy sause.

It has a light, refreshing taste and goes well with all kinds of dishes.
I highly recommend this sauce because it saves you the trouble of making Daikon oroshi.




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