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●Why do you eat ginger with sushi? Slices of ginger pickled in sweetened vinegar.

Another typical food that warms the body is ginger. Ginger is an ingredient in pickled pickled ginger, which is a garnish for sushi, and is now a common ingredient in sushi. It's served with geta.

Gari is the perfect chopstick break to eat in between sushi. But do you know the real reason why you eat sushi and gari together?

Why do you call it gari instead of ginger sweet and sour?

The word "gari" is derived from the sound "GARIGARI" when bitten.
In the old days, large pieces of ginger were chewed and eaten as GARIGARI, so the ginger itself was called GARI, and later the ginger dipped in sweet and vinegar was called "Gari".

Gari, Agari and Namida. Antibacterial triple effect.

One of the main concerns when eating sushi is food poisoning, isn't it?
Gingerol, which is contained in ginger, is expected to have a sterilizing effect.
Ginger is also an all-round foodstuff that contains gingerol, which is effective in preventing cancer, and phytochemicals that boost the immune system.

And similar to agari (tea) and namida (Wasabi), both of which are always served at sushi restaurants, the effects of these ingredients can be expected.

The catechins in tea help to reduce the damage of the active oxygen species produced by the additives that enter the body.

And wasabi has long been recognized for its ability to fight food poisoning pathogens. According to old records from the Asuka and Heian periods, wasabi was used as a medicinal herb.

Gari, Agari and Namida. These are essential to the safe and delicious enjoyment of sushi.

The Wisdom of Our Predecessors

Edomae Sushi was originally a food truck.
It was a fast food-like meal for impatient Edo kids.
That is why it is customary to eat sushi by hand.

However, if you eat with your hands, the rice will stick to your fingers, but Edo people don't use an oshibori (hand towel).
They ate sushi while wetting their fingers with gari instead of hand towels. This is truly the wisdom of the times.

If you want to eat sushi smartly, use gari!

One more thing: Soy sauce is an essential part of eating sushi.
In the case of nigiri, you can turn the sushi upside down and dip the neta into the soy sauce so that the Syari doesn't fall onto the small plate of soy sauce and you can eat it cleanly.

This is when Gari comes into play. You can use the gully as a brush to dip the Gumkanmaki in soy sauce to eat smartly. You can do it. Please give it a try.

So gari plays a number of important roles when eaten with sushi. It is a great supporting role that helps us to eat delicious and tasty sushi with peace of mind.

Easy! How to make a Gari.

If you have ginger and vinegar, it's easy to make gari.
You can eat gari at home, so make it!

1.Pull the thin skin of the fresh ginger with a spoon or other tool and cut i into thin slices.

(There is a difference in texture between cutting along the fibers and cutting in such a way that the fibers are cut off. You'll have to find the way you like to cut them.)

2.Put them in boiling water and boil them for 5 minutes.
(Boiling time will vary depending on the amount of ginger and the amount of hot water.)

3.Soak in water to remove the scum.

4.Squeeze out the water and dip it in sweet vinegar.

Sweet vinegar is made by mixing water, vinegar, sugar and salt.
The portions are to your liking.
Water: 200cc, Vinegar: 100cc, Sugar: 50g, Salt: 10g recommended for the ministry.
Once you add the sliced ginger to the jar, pour the sweet and sour vinegar over it and store it in the refrigerator.
Eat it as soon as possible because of the water used.

I'm a pain in the ass to make the sweet vinegar because I want it to be easy to make.
So I use sushi vinegar to make it.
Just make the ginger according to the recipe to the point of squeezing out the water, put the ginger in the jar, then pour the sushi vinegar over it!
This is because sushi vinegar already has sugar and salt in it to make it taste perfectly delicious.
(Sushi vinegar is the vinegar you use to make sushi rice.)
The flavor is already set and it's sure to be delicious.

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