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●Fish sausage is a very popular diet food

Fish sausage sold in supermarkets in Japan is now attracting attention as a diet food all over the world.
I have already told you what fish sausage is in a previous article.
In this article, we investigate in more detail the fish meat sausage that is attracting attention worldwide.

Why is fish meat sausage getting so much attention?

Fish sausages are low in calories and fat compared to animal protein foods.
The calorie content of fish sausage is about 30-50% lower than that of blue fish such as mackerel and saury, and meat such as beef and pork, as well as their processed products, and is as low as that of sardines, trout, bonito, and chicken eggs.
Fish sausage has a high calcium content, which is good for people suffering from osteoporosis.
The fact that fish sausage is an easy way to get fish nutrients is an advantage for people who rarely cook fish.
The sausage contains more protein than milk, which is a source of energy that promotes basic metabolism and muscle formation, so it can be eaten by those who are concerned about obesity while providing efficient nutrition.

It is red in color, is it bad for your body?

In the past, many food companies used animal-derived cochineal coloring for fish sausage.
However, in consideration of health, we now use plant-based dyes such as tomato, lycopene, and cinchona to color our sausages.

Lycopene is a pigment extracted from tomatoes that is about 100 times more potent than vitamin E.

・Kuchinashi has been used in Chinese medicine since ancient times, and has also been used as a food coloring agent.

Using these two vegetable dyes, you can enjoy fish sausage with the natural coloration of fish sausage as before.

Of course, there are also supermarkets that sell fish sausages that are completely colorless.

Where are fish sausages sold?

Fish sausage is mainly sold in all supermarkets, but recently it has also been sold in convenience stores, making it an indispensable diet food for health-conscious Japanese.

This is my impression of the fish sausage.

I've had fish sausage in my refrigerator since I was a child, so I didn't mind. My conscious impressions of eating it.
・I can't taste the fish.
・No fish smell
・It's easy to eat.

Fish sausage, which contains a lot of nutrition, is a strong ally for snacking. If you eat it when you are a little hungry, it will fill you up and make you feel full.
I thought it was a well-balanced food loved by people all over the world in terms of nutrition and ease of eating.

Next, try arranging fish sausage, which is tasty enough to be eaten as is, to make it a side dish for dinner. I will share with you a delicious fish sausage recipe that is low in calories and high in protein content.

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