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●It's Wonderful nutrition of Japanese Multigrain rice.
White rice is the mainfood of rice eaten in Japan. No matter where you go to a restaurant, there are many people who eat white rice at home in Japan. Over the past few years, more people have eaten multigrain rice.
・Why do you think that is?
It means that the nutrition contained in each multigrain is extremely high.
・What does Multigrain rice mean?
Multigrain rice is a mixture of white rice, mixed rice grains such as brown rice, wah, millet, acne, wheat, pressed wheat, and black rice.

Types of Multigrain rice

Brown rice
Pressed wheat

Black rice

There are still many other multigrain rice , but you can think of them as the main item of multigrain rice .

How to eat?

These can’t be cooked with multigrain rice alone, so mix with white rice and cook with a rice cooker. With just multigrain rice, the texture is poor and delicious rice can’t be made. In Japan, 1 cup (150g) is called "1gou". In general, add 1 tablespoon (15g) of multigrain per 1gou of rice. ※I will tell you in another article.

What is the difference between white rice and multigrain rice?

The difference between white rice and multigrain rice is whether it is only white rice or whether it is mixed with various types of multigrains in addition to white rice.

Multigrain rice is popular in Japan

First of all, I told them what is multigrain rice. It means rice with lots of grains in white rice. The nutrition contained in each multigrain rice and how to cook multigrain rice will be reported in another articles. Look forward to the next update. thank you for reading!

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