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●Agedashi tofu is a representative dish of Japan!!

Agedashi tofu is a traditional dish that is offered at traditional Japanese restaurants and Japanese family restaurants.

What is Agedashi tofu?

Agedashi tofu is a dish that is fried with tofu and seasoned with soup stock or soy sauce.
There are ones that are fried by sprinkling potato starch on tofu, and ones that are fried by sprinkling wheat flour.

This is due to personal food preferences and home traditions.
The major differences between potato starch and wheat garments are the lack of oil after frying, the texture of the garment, and in the case of potato starch, when the hot soup is poured and a little time is left, a moderate thickening is produced in the soup.

How to make Agedashi tofu

Material (for 2 people)

・ Tofu (cotton or silk) … 1 piece
・ Starch flour … appropriate amount
・ Oil…3 tablespoons
・ Mentsuyu (concentrated type) … 100cc
・ Water… 400cc
・ Green onion ( Smallslice) … 1 piece

How to make

1 :Cut the tofu after draining into 4 pieces.
Put the noodle soup and water in a pan and set it on fire.
2 :Sprinkle with starch.
3 :Put oil in a frying pan and fry <2> tofu until it is browned and burnt. (Turn it halfway) Just bake both sides.
4 :Put the tofu in the bowl and sprinkle with the <1> noodle soup from above.

  • Mentsuyu is a noodle soup that is applied to Japanese soba and udon noodles. What is sold in the supermarket is a concentrated type, so use it diluted with water.
Agedashi tofu

Agedashi tofu is a dish that is fried tofu and eaten with dashi soup.
Agedashi tofu gets warm in the cold season, especially from autumn to winter.
If you don't have the materials, you can't make it.
But it ’s very delicious, so try it!

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