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●How to eat Japanese natto?Let’s know how to eat natto.

In my last article, I told you about natto.

●Fermented soybean”Natto” This japanese food is rich in nutrients.
I found that natto is full of wonderful nutrition.
Therefore, this time I will introduce how to eat natto, which is popular with Japanese people.
Then, please look without turning your eyes!

What kind of package do you sell natto?

Natto is sold at supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the city. At convenience stores, about two types of natto are sold, but at supermarkets, more than 10 types are sold. (Kanto and Kansai are different.)

This is the natto package

A set of 3 packs. It is sold by various natto manufacturers, but some natto products are sold as a set of 2 packs.
Also, the capacity of one pack is 40g to 45g, and it varies depending on each product.

And the origin of "soybean", the raw material of natto that you care about !!
In Japan, many natto is made using soybeans produced in Hokkaido.
The place of origin of soybeans is made using soybeans made in the United States and Canada.
There are relatively few sales of natto using soybeans grown in Hokkaido.

Why is the sales volume of natto made from soybeans grown in Japan so small?

This is because the number of products produced is low and the unit sales price is high.
The price of natto is 60 yen when it is cheaper by one pack.
The average is 100-150 yen.
The natto I buy is a 120 yen natto made from Japanese soybeans (Hokkaido).

So how is natto in the pack?

The size of one pack is about 10 cm square.

When you open the lid, natto is in the pack.

This is in the pack.
・ Mustard
・ Bonito stock
・ Vinyl that separates natto and seasonings

Sprinkle natto with mustard and bonito stock. (May be transferred to a plate or eaten as a pack)

And mix anyway

When mixed, it becomes NEBA NEBA. Natto pulls thread
Some people mix until it becomes like this, and some mix and eat to some extent.

How do you eat after mixing natto?

Natto is seasoned with bonito stock sauce and mustard, so you can eat natto as it is. However, there are many ways to eat it, such as putting it on rice or mixing it with green onions.
I will tell you about natto dishes in another article.
This time, I told you how to eat natto sold in Japan. Let's all eat nutritious natto and have a healthy life.

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