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● What is umekonbucha? 11 effects, efficacy and taste, how to make and drink.

Umekonbu cha combines the good aspects of Umeboshi with the good aspects of kelp.

See this article for a detailed explanation of Umeboshi.

●What is the amazing effect of Japanese food “Japanese apricot”?

Each of them has great effects and effects, so I will introduce them specifically.

Diet effect can be expected

Umekonbu cha is also attracting attention as a diet tea.

This is because the ingredients contained in umeboshi and kelp cause a dieting effect.

First, the point is that Umekonbu cha is low in calories.

Umekonbu cha contains vinegar-positive dietary fiber, alginic acid and fucodyne.

It is a water-soluble dietary fiber peculiar to seaweed, but it is particularly contained in kelp.

These two dietary fibers have the function of suppressing the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids into the body.

In addition, it can also lower cholesterol levels.

Fucoxanthin, a brown pigment component of seaweed, suppresses fat from accumulating in the body.

In addition, it activates proteins that have the role of burning body fat that has already accumulated in the body.

It works by reaching visceral fat, lowering blood sugar levels and promoting the use of sugar in muscles.

A diet effect can be expected with ingredients such as alginic acid, fucodyne and fucoxanthin.

Also, Umekonbu cha is thickened, so you can feel a little full.

It is a recommended drink when you are hungry in the middle of the night or want to endure a snack time.

Increase metabolism

Umekonbu cha contains an ingredient called iodine (iodine).

Iodine is one of the essential minerals of the human body.

As a function, it stimulates the secretion of thyroid hormones and activates metabolism.

However, overdosing of iodine causes hypothyroidism.

Please drink several cups a day as a guide so that you do not drink too much.

Improves gastrointestinal function

Glutamic acid, which is also a delicious ingredient, is contained in a large amount in kelp, so you can drink plum kelp tea without any seasoning.

Because salt content can be reduced, it is possible to reduce salt deliciously.

In addition, glutamate acts on the stomach, improving gastrointestinal function and preventing overeating.

In addition, fucoidan, a water-soluble dietary fiber mentioned earlier, has the function of increasing immunity from the intestine.

It is Umekonbu cha that improves gastrointestinal function and improves immunity.

Leads to constipation relief

Water soluble dietary fiber contained in kelp and alginic acid, which is also a component of slimming, improve your bowel movements.

It is also effective for people suffering from constipation, so if you have constipation, try drinking one cup a day.

By eliminating constipation, you can also take swelling, etc., so it is possible to make a clean body.

In addition, Ume contains a little component called picric acid.

Picric acid activates the intestines and can also improve bowel movements.

Ability to recover from fatigue and build a body that is less tiring

Umes contain a lot of organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid, which are sour components.

Organic acids have the function of promoting carbohydrate metabolism and activate them.

It works by converting various nutrients into energy, so it feels fine.

Without energy metabolism, nutrients burn incompletely, causing fatigue, stiff shoulders, arteriosclerosis, and lifestyle-related diseases.

Drink Umekonbu cha and power up when you are tired a little or when you can't get tired the day before!

Effects of appetite enhancement

There are times when you don't know your appetite but need to eat, such as when you are sick or very hot.

Not only elderly people, but also small children and young people seem to have anorexia.

In such a case, let's drink Ume dried and Umekonbu cha.

Ume citric acid has the effect of promoting secretion of saliva.

Increased saliva increases appetite and increases secretion of gastric juice and digestive enzymes, which also helps digestion and absorption.

Representative of alkaline food

Umeboshi is alkaline.

Did you know that your body needs to be neutral to stay healthy?

Most of the meals we usually eat (rice, meat, bread, alcohol, etc.) are acidic.

As a result, you eat too much acidic food and your body becomes acidic.

If this happens, the blood will become muddy and cause poor circulation, the function of decomposing recovery from fatigue will not work, and the body will be tired easily and have reduced immunity.

So you need alkaline food.

Just eating about 10g of umeboshi can be neutralized.

In the case of cucumber, you can neutralize it only if you eat about 9 cucumber, but one ume is enough for umes.

This is a more efficient method of neutralization than eating a lot of vegetables.

Enhances calcium and iron absorption

The great power of umes continues.

Not only in modern times, but for decades, calcium deficiency has been pointed out.

It has been warned that bones become brittle and even young children may fracture.

In order to make your bones strong, you need to take calcium, but that's not enough.

There is no point unless calcium is absorbed into the body.

The absorption effect of calcium decreases with age.

Therefore, organic acids such as citric acid play an active role.

Organic acids help to absorb calcium and iron and prevent calcium from leaving your bones.

For growing children, women who are pregnant or suffering from iron deficiency, and elderly people who are worried about calcium deficiency, it can be improved by taking Ume and Umekonbu cha.

Let's take it together with calcium and iron.

Improve liver function

Umes contain a component called pyruvic acid.

Pyruvic acid is an effective ingredient for enhancing liver function, and it is also a good ingredient for people who drink well and middle-aged people with poor liver function.

After drinking alcohol, some people say, "I want to drink Umekonbu cha asexually!"

This makes sense, so keep drinking.

Has bactericidal action

Citric acid contained in umes has a bactericidal and antibacterial action.

Umeboshi is put into lunch boxes and children's rice balls because it is expected to have a sterilizing effect.

Of course it is delicious and many people like it, but it also has a bactericidal effect.

Even more amazing is the effect after eating.

When you enter the stomach, it activates bile.

It also has the effect of eliminating bacteria that cause food poisoning in the stomach.

In recent years, research on gastric cancer prevention has been advanced. Ume, which is not only delicious but also has a bactericidal action and various effects, is a very good food.

Has anti-aging effect

Umes contain polyphenols and vitamin E, which have strong antioxidant properties.

The antioxidant action has the function of preventing spots and wrinkles, and is effective in preventing aging.

The cause of skin aging is caused by the deformation of collagen in the skin by binding to sugar.

Polyphenols can prevent the above-mentioned tie, so an anti-aging effect can be expected.

In addition, as a cause of spots and wrinkles, there is also a drop in built-in functions.

Poor metabolism makes it easier for waste products to accumulate in the body, causing spots, wrinkles, and swelling.

Since citric acid improves metabolism, it is also effective for swelling and anti-aging.

How much caffeine is in Umekonbu cha? Can pregnant women drink?

Because it is called tea, if you are pregnant or are not good at caffeine, you may be worried about the amount of caffeine in Umekonbu cha.

When I look online, I see characters such as "pregnant woman Umekonbu cha dangerous," so it's a bit scary.

Basically, Umekonbu cha is non-caffeinated, so you can drink it during pregnancy.

Occasionally, powdered Umekonbu cha contains components such as gyokuro, so when tea components are included, caffeine may be included.

It is safe to check the package before purchasing.

Many commercially available Umekonbu cha contain salt as a seasoning.

On average, each cup contains about 0.9g of salt.

During pregnancy, you may be worried about pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome.

For this reason, it does not contain caffeine, but it is recommended that you drink 2-3 cups a day and enjoy it moderately.

There are plenty of benefits and benefits for pregnant women, such as swelling, diet, and recovery from fatigue.

How to make, make and recommend Umekonbu cha.

Let's look at how to add delicious Umekonbu cha and how to make it at home.

Umekonbu cha made with Ume and toso, kelp

Why don't you make it at home when you want to drink pure Umekonbu cha without salt and extra seasoning? It is a simple taste.

Put chopped ume and umeshiso in a bowl.

In addition, just add a little kelp (if it's dry), then pour boiling water.

It is a simple and delicious way to make Umekonbu cha, so let's make it if you have the ingredients.

How to make commercially available Umekonbu cha

There are many effects of Umekonbucha

Commercially available Umekonbu cha powder can be easily drunk because it is completed simply by putting the specified amount in a cup, pour hot water and mixing.

It can be used more widely.

For example, it can be used for a variety of dishes, such as the secret taste of pickles, mixed with somen soup, mixed with porridge, mixed with soup, used as a sauce for pasta, dressed for salads, and marinated.

Let's not only drink but also arrange dishes and improve the nutritional value well.

Gyokuroenn Ume Konbucha Japanese Tea | Kelp Tea with Ume Plum | 40g


● What is umekonbucha? Salty tea with ume and kelp that are popular in Japan.

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