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●Health Benefits of Genmaicha. And How to make Cold Genmaicha.

There are various kinds of tea that I usually drink casually. "Sencha", "Matcha", "Gyokurocha", "Oolongcha", and "Genmaicha". Each has its own unique flavor and umami. Among them, this time we would like to introduce "Genmaicha," which small children and elderly people can enjoy with peace of mind.

What are the characteristics of Genmaicha?

In recent years, attention has been focused on the fact that Japanese tea is very good for your health. Efficacy depends on the type of tea, but I would like to introduce Genmaicha, which has less bitterness and astringency among Japanese teas and is easy to drink.

Genmaicha is a type of green tea that contains approximately the same amount of bancha and roasted brown rice. There are two types of brown rice in it: roasted brown rice granules and popped popcorn-shaped brown rice. The more brown rice granules in brown rice, the more flavorful and high-quality Genmaicha. The fragrance of roasted brown rice and the delicious taste of green tea make it easy to drink. The amount of green tea is half the amount, so I feel little umami, but there is less caffeine and astringency, so children can drink with confidence.

Genmaicha can ingest the nutrients of both green tea and brown rice. Ingredients include gamma-oryzanol that prevents obesity and diabetes, gaba that suppresses increases in cholesterol and neutral fat, vitamin E that prevents aging, vitamin B group that aids metabolism, vitamin C that has a whitening effect and antioxidant effect, cold prevention It also contains catechin, which has an effect on skin, theanine that suppresses brain excitement, minerals such as phosphorus and iron, and dietary fiber.

A good way to add Genmaicha is to add 200 ml of boiling water of 95 ° to 4 grams of tea leaves and extract in about 30 seconds. Even if you put it at high temperature, the astringency and umami components are not strong, but if the extraction time is long, bitterness will come out and the fragrant flavor peculiar to Genmaicha will drop, so please be careful. The best place to store it is in a cool and dark place. In addition, roasted brown rice easily absorbs moisture, so store it in an airtight container.

Benefits of Genmaicha

This is a very good genmaicha, but I would like to introduce you to its specific effects.

1: Effective for dieting and anti-aging for women

Genmaicha contains many important nutrients that modern people tend to lack. If you are on a diet with dietary restrictions, you can get good nutrition with Genmaicha and a proper diet. In addition, catechin has the effect of preventing excessive sugar and fat from being absorbed and further increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

2: Contains vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber

Vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber activate the intestines to prevent and improve constipation. In addition, Genmaicha has a function of increasing metabolism.
When metabolism is improved, fat is easily burned and calorie consumption is increased. The abundant vitamins have the effect of preventing skin aging, age spots, wrinkles, and sagging, producing collagen, and have an excellent skin-beautifying effect.

3: Efficacy that helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases and colds

Catechin and gaba have the effect of suppressing an increase in blood pressure. In addition, since GABA has a function of suppressing the increase of cholesterol, it can be expected to be effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes and obesity. In addition, catechin has antibacterial and bactericidal action, and prevents colds, food poisoning, and bad breath. B vitamins help relieve fatigue, so just drinking brown rice tea can bring you closer to a healthy body that is tired and disease-free.

4: Benefits that help relieve stress

The fragrant scent of Genmaicha, gaba, and theanine have relaxing effects. It relieves mental conditions such as tension, anxiety, irritability and depression. The appeal of Genmaicha is that you can brew it quickly even when you are mentally weak.

How to make delicious Cold Genmaicha

I think many people think that it is natural to add hot water when it comes to tea, but there is actually a way to make cold Genmaicha instead of just hot water. Although it has become popular in recent years, many people find it more difficult than hot water, so here are the points to make delicious tea with Cold genmaicha.
First of all, if you want to use cold water, buy Cold teabag.

If you buy a cold tea pack, it will be easier to make it, so you should buy it. Next, if you buy a tea pack, let's put it in the cold water pot. Basically, add enough hot water to soak the whole tea pack. You can leave it alone, but if it isn't easily extracted, you can shake the bottom to extract the umami. When the color of the water changes after it is extracted, fill the pot with water. You can drink deliciously with water alone, but it is said that you can make it even more delicious by putting it in ice and cooling it quickly. Once this is done, cool it in the refrigerator for a few hours and you're done. Especially in the summertime, it is popular because it can be drunk sooner.

Let's make homemade Genmaicha

You can also make your homemade Genmaicha.
In another article, I will introduce how to make homemade Genmaicha in 5 Steps.

You can easily brew it deliciously, and just drink it to enjoy Genmaicha.

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