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●How to make Genmaicha. Easy 5 steps are explained with pictures.

Genmaicha is a delicious tea. Because it is made by roasting brown rice, it is a fragrant, relaxing and relaxing tea.
Genmaicha is difficult to make!
Making brown rice tea seems difficult.
Those who think that this article is a must-see!
Introducing 5steps how to make brown rice tea easily.

Then, how to make genmaicha! !

How to make genmaicha

Food ingredients

・ Genmai ・ ・ ・ proper quantity

・ Green tea ・ ・ ・ proper quantity

Recipe instructions

1. Put brown rice in a frying pan and heat it.
I think it's fragrant, luxurious and delicious to make fresh little by little drinks, so it is recommended to make a small amount at a time.

2. Roast brown rice over medium heat. If the heat is too weak, it will take time, and if it is too strong, it will burn quickly.

3. Continue to shake the frying pan patiently (or continue mixing with a spatula) to avoid burning.
White smoke (water vapor) comes out, but keeps roasting without impatience. If you are worried, you may want to reduce the fire a little.

4. Smoke (water vapor) is reduced, and it becomes brownish brown and brown rice begins to infiltrate (it is cracked and a white part like popcorn is formed).

It's easy to burn, so remove it immediately. It is delicious if you eat it as it is.

5, the photo is mixed with green tea. When storing, use a glass bottle that can be sealed.
By the way, it is fragrant and delicious even if you just brew and drink it with brown rice without mixing it with tea.

The most important point is not to burn brown rice. Brown rice should be pesticide-free or pesticide-free.

Relax with homemade genmaicha

"Brown rice" contains abundant GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), which has been talked about for its role of lowering blood pressure and suppressing neutral fat.
GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) also has the function of relieving psychological stress, and "Genmaicha" is a very good tea when you want to relax.

Warm genmaicha?  or Cold genmaicha? Which also ok!!

It will also bring cold water genmaicha!
Put homemade genmaicha into the tea bag.
Then add water and put in the refrigerator overnight.
Then, with the completion of cold genmaicha.
You can also carry it in a water bottle, so it is perfect for hot summer days.
Since it is a tea made from rice, it cannot be stored for a long time, so let's drink it early.

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