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●Easy way to cook Japanese rice with rice cooker

I would like to try cooking rice as soon as I bought a Japanese rice cooker.
Because there is a rice cooker, I want to cook delicious rice and enjoy a meal.
Then, I will explain how to cook Japanese rice with a rice cooker.

Weigh properly

A full cup

Grind accurately with a special measuring cup (1 go = 180ml) and measure accurately.
When using a commercially available measuring cup, check the volume (200ml, etc.) carefully.

Wash quickly

Wash the rice to remove the dirt and excess rice bran.
It is important to wash quickly! Rice absorbs water quickly and sucks the smell of rice bran.
Rinse lightly with plenty of water for the first time, and immediately discard the water.
From the second time, gently stir and wash with enough water to soak.
Wash it 3 times and it should be clear if the water is clear.

If the rice breaks, it can cause stickiness.

Don't put in force and stir roughly with a whisk!
Be careful not to wash too much!
Long draining is the way! !
1st time: Stir 2 or 3 times with plenty of water 2nd time: Gently place your fingers with enough water to soak

Smoothness is perfect

After discarding the water, gently pour 1.2 times the volume of rice into the washed rice. When pouring along the water level line with the inner pot of the rice cooker, be sure to work on a flat surface.
After that, finely adjust the amount of water according to the taste of your home, such as soft and soft!

Soak carefully

It is important to infiltrate the water enough to the center of the rice in order to cook to the core.
The water absorption time is usually about 30 minutes. In winter, the water temperature is low, so it is ideal to immerse for about 60 minutes.

Turn on the rice cooker and cook rice.

Relax gently

[Currently, steaming (10 minutes) is included in most rice cooker processes]
Immediately after steaming, loosen the rice. Put the rice paddles so as not to crush the grains, and mix gently and gently to dig from the bottom of the kettle.

By loosening the rice, there will be no variation in the moisture content of the rice, and the excess water vapor will be removed, resulting in a plump delicious rice.

The extra rice is …
If rice is kept warm for a long time in a rice cooker, it will turn yellow, become crisp, and smell will appear. Because the refrigerator is a temperature environment that promotes the aging of starch in rice, it is not recommended for storage. The remaining rice should be subdivided into one serving while it is warm, wrapped in wrap, take heat, and then freeze.
Even if you keep it frozen, eat within one week as much as possible.

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