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●About how to measure the amount of Japanese rice.

Many visitors to Japan buy rice cookers at Japanese electronics stores.
The quality of Japanese rice cookers is amazing enough to be recognized around the world.

This time, I will tell you more about the amount of rice in Japan.

Learn about rice


When cooking rice, the rice cooker's memory is “gou”.
This is an ancient Japanese volume unit called the shankuki method, and it was said that the old Japanese ate only one rice because they had almost no side dishes and only ate rice. Yes. We will send you the basic knowledge of rice that cannot be heard now.

How many grams (g) is there

japanese rice.

Brown rice is about 156g and white rice is about 150g. When cooking a single rice, the weight is 1.8 times that of brown rice and about 2.2 times that of white rice because it absorbs water.

156g brown rice (raw brown rice)
White rice (raw white rice) 150g → About 330g when cooked

Although it is a detailed story, the weight at the time of cooking differs depending on the variety and moisture content of the rice and the hardness and amount of water at the time of cooking. In the case of brown rice, please note that it varies greatly depending on the rice cooker manufacturer and how it is cooked.

Difference in amount of cooking

Obviously, if you put the same volume of brown rice and white rice in a bowl, brown rice is heavier. When switching from white rice life to brown rice life, please be careful not to misunderstand that “everyone has stopped eating…”. In addition, brown rice is chewed better than white rice, so it fills your stomach with less than white rice. (The definition of full stomach is for each person)

How many grains are there in one gou

rice volume.

Modern rice grains are growing in size, and the sorting screen at the time of brown rice shipment is also expanding, so it is said that there are about 6500 grains. In modern eating habits, an average cup of teacups is about 0.6 go, so there are about 3900 cups of teacups. If you eat about 30 bowls of tea bowls, there are 130 grains. If you are interested, it is interesting to count the number of rice grains.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter

Do you use units in addition to 1 unit?

When cooking rice, restaurants sometimes use a unit of 1kg. 1 gill is 10 times the total. On the other hand, one tenth of a group is called 1 syaku.


I understood that the unit [1gou] is used when measuring the amount of rice in Japanese. Every time you buy a rice cooker, there is a cup in it. Although it is a unit unique to Japan, the rice cooker has a scale, so you can easily cook rice if you match it.
Next, I will tell you in detail how to cook rice in a rice cooker.

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