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●How do you make Umeboshi? This is how to make Japanese Umeboshi!

How do you make Umeboshi? This is how to make Japanese Umeboshi!

In Japan, ume trees have been carefully harvested to make plum dried when ume trees grow on plum trees.
This time, it is a recipe how to pickle plums that can be easily done at home.
It can be soaked in a storage bag with a zipper, so there is no need to prepare containers and weights, and there is no space.
Then I will tell you how to make Umeboshi.

How to make Umeboshi

[Material (Easy to make)]

Ume (ripe) 1kg
Crude salt 180g (18% of the weight of ume)
Rice vinegar or white liquor 80ml

Anyone with a zippered storage bag can easily try to make dried umes.


[How to make]

1:Umes are put in a sardine and washed immediately before pickling. Never immerse it in water. Cut the water well and remove the spatula with bamboo skewers.
2: Wipe off the plums with a dry cloth and place them in a storage bag with a zipper.
3: Add rice vinegar or white liquor as a sprinkle, close the mouth with the air in, and squeeze together with the storage bag.
4:Add salt to 3 and close the mouth. Then, squeeze it in again, evacuate the bag and close the mouth firmly.
5:Move the bag every day (just flip it over) and turn the ume vinegar evenly. If there is air, open your mouth, deflate, and close your mouth. Repeat this for about 3 weeks.

Umeboshi in zippered storage bag.

Place in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


dried ume.

About three weeks, wait for the rainy season to end and fine weather for three days. Leave it for 2 days, dry in the sun at noon, and leave it in the house at night. Turn upside down on the morning of the 3rd day and complete it after drying for a day.
The remaining plum vinegar should be preserved and used for cooking.

If the umes are blue, leave them ripened for 2-3 days without washing, then pickle them after they turn yellow.

Umeboshi is acidic and may be altered if placed in a plastic storage container.
It is recommended to preserve glass bottles that have been boiled and disinfected.

Ume vinegar made with umes can be pickled with ginger. It can also be used to make sushi rice by adding sugar.
Since Japanese food is not wasted, we will make full use of it.


Umeboshi is delicious because it takes time and effort.
Long-term storage is also possible, so it can be used in the refrigerator when needed.

When you come to Japan, be sure to eat umeboshi!
(There are many countries where you can't take home from Japan because Umeboshi has seeds. Please be careful when buying.)

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