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●A List of Japanese Sweets! Wagashi Autumn edition

In the autumn season, we sell Japanese sweets using potatoes, chestnuts, persimmons, and pumpkins.
In Japan, you can get a lot of sweet potatoes, pumpkins, persimmons, and chestnuts during the fall season. Therefore, delicious Japanese sweets are made.
You can also make meaningful Japanese sweets at seasonal events.
Now let's take a look at some of Japan's leading autumn sweets.

Japanese sweets expressing the autumn season

As I mentioned earlier, I would like to introduce the popular Japanese sweets sold in the autumn.
Sweet potato, chestnut, persimmon, pumpkin ...
Here are some Japanese sweets that make you feel relaxed and relieved.


Azuki bean paste mixed with sweetened chestnuts. Yokan has a smooth texture.
There is chestnut yokan sold all year round, but it is sold by various manufacturers during the autumn season.
Yokan is sweet and tough, so it is recommended that you enjoy it with green tea.


Kinton made by adding boiled chestnuts to a paste made by straining chestnuts and kneading. Some chestnuts have a little chestnut remaining, and all are in paste.
The chestnut paste is squeezed with a cloth to make it look like a chestnut.
Enjoy the deep taste of chestnuts, unlike the Kuri kinton that you eat in New Year's dishes.

(chestnuts japanese say …"Kuri")

Imo-yokan(Sweet potatoes yokan)

Imo-yokan with a sweet taste that retains the sweet potatoes.
For Imo-yokan, which has a short shelf life, sweets are made with sweet potatoes, sugar, and a small amount of salt without peeling the sweet potatoes of the ingredients one by one.
Imo-yokan keeps the sweetness and retains the simple and natural flavor of the ingredients.
Because of the good taste and mouth feel of Imo-yokan, it is widely used by children and seniors alike.7

(sweet poteto japanese say…"SATUMAIMO","IMO")

Momiji-majyu(maple leaf manjyu)

A famous sweet from Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture. Castella-shaped dough made by adding egg, sugar, and honey to wheat flour, wrapped in bean paste, and baked in the shape of a maple leaf.
It is the most popular souvenir in Hiroshima prefecture, and it is a classic souvenir that you can tell that you went to Hiroshima just by looking at Momiji-manjyu. Recently, in addition to azuki paste, there are also chocolate flavors and azuki paste and green tea flavors that are mixed with yuzu. Manju that you can eat without resistance.


In Japan, there is a period called Ohigan in the autumn season.
Ohigan will offer "Ohagi" to the grave.
In the past, sweets and delicious desserts were not as edible as the modern age, but because "sugar" was especially valuable, foods using that "sugar" were very valuable.
Japanese people used to make "Ohagi" using red beans, which are amulets, and sugar, which is a high-grade item, during the special period that leads to their ancestors, called "Ohigan", and offered them to their ancestors. Perhaps he was making various wishes and prayers with gratitude.
In modern times, in addition to azuki bean paste, Ohagi is also very delicious, sprinkled with kinako, sesame, and Zunda paste. If you eat with green tea, you will feel calm!


Tukimi-Dango is a Dango for the moon at the Jyuugoya of the 15th lunar calendar (Mid-Autumn moon) and the 13th night of the 13th lunar calendar.
By offering the Tukimi-Dango, you can convey your gratitude and prayers to the moon, and eat what you have offered.
There is a taste of eating Tukimi-Dango while watching the moon on the veranda. The story of a rabbit living on the moon and mochi-tsuki is also mentioned in Japanese old tales.
Tukimi-Dango is sold at the time of the Jyuugoya, so if you see it, please buy it and try it.

Autumn Japanese sweets are served with green tea ...

Enjoy Japanese sweets to enjoy autumn nights, have a delicious snack while drinking green tea, or spend a pleasant autumn time with Japanese sweets.

There are many Japanese sweets such as sweet potatoes, chestnuts, persimmons, and pumpkins that make you feel Japanese autumn. In addition to Japanese sweets, sweet potato parfaits and Montblanc cakes are on the menu at restaurants in the town, so if you visit Japan in the autumn, you should try various sweets.


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