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●Can you drink Amazake? A beauty and healthy drink called“IV to drink” in Japan.

What are the effects of amazake? What is the nutritional value of amazake, which is called drip infusion, the beauty and health, the effect of diet, and the disadvantageous way of drinking? We will introduce how to make and drink the enzymes of rice kouji amazake effectively and how to keep them refrigerated and frozen. Relieves constipation by helping digestion and absorption to improve intestinal environment, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, enhances skin beautifulness, prevents lifestyle-related diseases, eliminates premenstrual syndrome such as menstrual cramps, premenstrual irritations, and rough skin, and improves milk production. Rice kouji amazake, which is also effective, is best taken in the morning with a glass of Ochoco. We introduce the difference from sake lees (sake cake) amazake.

“Amazake” has a high nutritional effect as it is called “IV to drink”
When you go to a shrine during New Year's, you behave. Amazake service that warms the chilled body from the core, we are very grateful every time.
Amazake has recently been gaining in popularity as a drink that is good for health and beauty and effective for dieting. Major food and beverage manufacturers are also focusing on commercializing amazake, and recently there are a variety of amazake flavors such as Kinako, ginger and soy milk.
This time, I would like to take a closer look at the effects and effects of such popular amazake, the disadvantages you need to be aware of, and the recommended ways to drink.

Learn about the types of amazake. You may lose if you don’t know this!

Before we talk about amazake, let's first learn about two types of amazake!

Broadly speaking, there are two types of amazake: rice kouji amazake made with rice and kouji, and sake lees amazake made from sake lees and sugar.

1.Rice kouji amazake

This is made from rice using the fermentation of kouji, just like sake. However, unlike sake, amazake only converts rice starch into sugar using kouji mold. Even if you are not good at amazake, try drinking only rice and kouji, and maybe the impression of amazake may change.

2.Sake lees (sake cake) amazake

Sake lees dissolved in water and sweetened with sugar. This is because sake lees contain alcohol, so be careful if you are not good at alcohol. In addition, calories tend to be high because of the sugar.

One thing to watch out for here!

Recently, Amazake is said to be good for health and beauty.
Amazake that is served at shrines during New Year's Day seems to be more “non-alcoholic” “rice kouji amazake” that does not contain alcohol components. Here, children and pregnant women can drink with confidence.
Please be careful when purchasing.

Even so, it's an attractive word for "good for health and beauty" and "effective for diet"! You will want to jump involuntarily!
Next, let's take a closer look at the specific benefits and ingredients of Amazake.

Effective for health, beauty and diet! Efficacy and effect of rice koji amazake

Amazake is also known as "drinking drip" or "drinking beauty serum". What is the specific effect and what is so good for your health?

1.Gastrointestinal friendly as it helps digestion and absorption

First, let's talk about glucose.
Since glucose contained in amazake has already been decomposed by kouji mold, it can efficiently absorb energy sources into the body. In addition, it is rich in amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, etc., but this component is the same as infusion! As the kouji mold also helps digestion and absorption of the nutrients taken together, it is gentle on the stomach and intestines, and is perfect when the stomach acid is hard to come out due to summer batter!

2.Prepare intestinal environment to prevent and eliminate constipation

Amazake is also rich in dietary fiber and oligosaccharides. These ingredients help to improve the intestinal environment by increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestine, and also play a role in preventing and eliminating constipation. Aspergillus becomes a food for good bacteria in the intestine even if it is dead, and it also has the effect of activating immune activity and increasing immunity. Is it a cold? When you think, it may be good to drink a little warm sake.

3.Promote blood circulation and metabolism. Excellent skin effect!

And women want to pay special attention to beauty effects! Amazake, also rich in B vitamins, improves blood circulation and metabolism, delivers nutrients required by the body to every corner of the capillaries, and sheds waste. Aspergillus contains biotin, which tends to be deficient due to drinking, smoking, stress, etc., and has the function of regulating skin conditions, so it is also effective against dark eyes, rough skin, spots and dullness.

4.To a strong ally of diet! !

Glucose, in addition to digestive aids, has the effect of increasing blood sugar levels, and even a small amount can reduce hunger, so if used well, it can be a reassuring partner for dieting.
In addition, it contains substances derived from amino acids such as GABA, which reduces irritation, so it has the effect of preventing overeating.
If you're going to go crazy about eating something sweet, or your stomach is too frustrating, try using Amazake as a dietary support drink.

5.There are so many more! Benefits of Amazake

In addition, enzymes contained in Aspergillus oryzae have an antioxidant effect, so they work to suppress the generation of active oxygen, which is the cause of aging.
It is also useful for preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and is said to have the effect of eliminating premenstrual syndrome such as menstrual pain, irritation before menstruation and rough skin, which are unique to women, and improving breast milk output. .

Can I make amazake by myself?

In Japan, we drink Amazake during New Year's Day and Hinamatsuri, but there is no chance to drink anything else.
You can make it yourself, but it takes a lot of work.
They are also sold at vending machines in Japan, and sometimes sold alongside corn potage in winter.
If you want to drink amazake casually, instant amazake is sold at amazon. At first it is good to try from here.

Great Amazake nutrition!

We've talked a lot about the appeal of amazake, but that doesn't mean the more you drink it, the better it will be.
There are also disadvantages to drinking.
Especially for those who are drinking for diet, be aware that if you consume more than the appropriate amount, the effect will be counterproductive.

The rule of thumb to drink at one time is a full cup (about 18ml), and the best time to drink is in the morning! Spend a crisp morning by ingesting the glucose that your brain wants with easy-to-absorb amazake.

If you are still uncomfortable with amazake, you can try breaking it into milk or soy milk, or blending it with fruit to make a fruity drink. Recently, thanks to the amazake boom, there are a wide variety of recipes ranging from elaborate dishes using amazake to snacks using amazake sweetness instead of sugar and butter.

Amazake ice cream, amazake pancakes, amazake muffins, and amazake mango pudding. Sweets made with amazake will not lose weight with the natural sweetness, and will also be gentle on your body and come with a bonus! Please try "Rice kouji amazake" by all means.

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