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●I cooked Surimi (Kanikamaboko).A side dish that uses vinegar for a refreshing taste.

In the world, Surimi (Kanikamaboko) is very popular, and it is a topical ingredient used in French cuisine in France.
The ingredients used in French cuisine are wonderful.

An article I wrote earlier about surimi nutrition.

Today, I would like to introduce healthy and simple side dishes that I usually make.

Surimi, seaweed and cucumber vinegar sauce.


・ Surimi (Kanikamaboko)
・ brown seaweed
・ Cucumber
☆ vinegar … 2 tablespoons
☆ Sugar … 2 tablespoons
☆ salt … a pinch
☆ soy sauce …one drop


How to make

1.Slice the cucumbers and sprinkle with salt.


2.Wakame is put back. (Immerse the dried seaweed in the water. Soak the salted seaweed in the water and put it back.)


3.crack Surimi.


4.mix the seasoning of ☆

5.When the cucumbers in step 1 become soft, wash the salt and squeeze out the water with kitchen paper.

6.Squeeze the wakame seaweed as well to take out the water.


7.mix cucumber, seaweed and surimi and mix with seasoning

seaweed&surimi&cucumbers with vineger sause.


I cook using very healthy foods, so I can diet!
If you're worried about sugar, you can use honey or a sweet alternative!

Vinegar is also a good ingredient for people with stress, as it also has the effect of reducing fatigue.

Above all, protein and minerals can be taken together, so it is nutritious.
It is very easy to make, so please try making it as a side dish.

There is no loss in remembering this seasoning because it can be used in various ways to make Japanese vinegar dish.

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