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●What is field meat? Atuage is a high protein food. It is a healthy food that Japanese vegetarians also eat.

"Atuage", which is similar to tofu or fried oil, is often baked and eaten with ginger or soy sauce, and is often used as an oden ingredient. It is such an Atuage, but don't you think that it is just a fried tofu? In fact, Atuage is a food with a higher nutritional value than tofu, and it is a food that I recommend for sugar-limited diet!

What is Atuage?

Atuage refers to tofu cut into pieces of about 2cm thickness, squeezed out, and fried until golden brown. There is "Usuage" in the ingredients similar to Atuage, but Usuage is almost the same as Atuage and the thickness of the tofu is only thin. Basically, cotton tofu is used, but Atuage using silk tofu is also available.

Because the raw material of Atuage is tofu, it is called "soy products". Although it is fried in oil, it is a fried food that can be eaten lightly without being persistent since the tofu has a pale taste.

Compared with Atuage calories and sugar / tofu

Calorie Protein Lipid Carbohydrate Sugar
Atuage/100g 150 10.7 11.3 0.9 0.2
atuage/150g(1 sheet) 225 16.1 17.0 1.5 0.3
Silky tofu/100g 56 4.9 3.0 2.0 1.7
Cotton tofu/100g 72 6.6 4.2 1.6 1.2
Fried tofu/100g 410 23.4 34.4 0.4 0.1

Atuage is basically made from cotton tofu, so let's compare the nutrients of cotton tofu with Atuage. Atuage is high in protein and low in sugar, although it is high in calories and fats as it is fried. If you are carbohydrate-restricted, eating Atuage will save you much more sugar than eating tofu!

Why Atuage is recommended for dieting!

Atuage is fried in oil, but it is actually a recommended ingredient for dieting! Let's take a closer look at the reasons.

Advantage of Atuage on diet 1: Low saccharide

As you can see from the nutrient table above, Atuage has lower sugars than tofu. Because it is 0.2g per 100g, it is in the low sugar category even when compared to other foods. When making tofu into Atuage, the process of "draining and frying" seems to be missing sugar.

However, Atuage, which uses “processed starch” as a raw material, sometimes has moisture and carbohydrates that do not escape properly, leaving high carbohydrate Atuage. When purchasing Atuage, be sure to check the labeling of raw materials and nutritional information.

Advantage of Atuage on diet 2: get good quality protein

Let's focus on the amount of protein in Atuage. Compared to tofu, it contains about twice as much protein. Because Atuage removes the water content of tofu, the components of tofu are condensed tightly.

In addition, because tofu is made of soy, you can ingest high-quality vegetable protein. Proteins are animal-based, but animal-based foods feed on bad bacteria in the intestine, so vegetable-based foods can be eaten without deteriorating the intestinal environment!

Atuage Benefits on a Diet 3: Rich in Calcium

Atuage contains about 240mg of calcium per 100g. I think calcium has a strong "bone" impression, but it actually makes a strong diet.

When the body lacks calcium, calcium ions act on fat cells, prompting them to promote lipogenesis and suppress lipolysis. If you lack calcium, you'll get extra fat, so be sure to take calcium positively to avoid it.

Calories off by removing oil from Atuage while dieting

Atuage has two main methods of draining oil.

  1. Put Atuage on the sieve and pour boiling water
  2. Bring plenty of water to a boil and heat it for about 2 minutes to wipe off the water

If you want to fry or boil quickly, use the first method, and if you want to fully infiltrate the taste, use the second method. The oil drainer removes excess oil and turns off calories. In addition, the taste is easy to soak, so the taste of the dish will be improved.

Atuage calories are surprisingly low!

When comparing Atuage and tofu, I think that tofu that is not fried in oil is better for dieting. However, you can understand that Atuage has higher nutritional value and high protein and low sugar. If you are calorie-restricted, tofu may be better, but if you have carbohydrate restriction, Atuage is recommended.

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