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●Japanese sweets list-roasted soybean flour-Japanese Say “Kinako”

Roasted soybean flour is peeled and ground soybeans. By heating, the odor peculiar to soybeans is removed, giving a fragrant scent.
There are many traditional Japanese sweets made with Kinako. I will tell you about the nutrition and health of Kinako in another article.
In this article, I will introduce Japanese traditional sweets made with Kinako.

※For more on kinako, read this article.→●Does Kinako have calories? What is the charm of Kinako made from soybeans?

List of 13 sweets using kinako


The main ingredient is "honkuzu powder," which is purified from the root of the plant kuzu. However, because it takes a lot of time and effort to purify Hon-kuzu flour, and the yield of kudzu itself is low, Hon-kuzu flour produced in Japan is a very rare and expensive ingredient.
It is a Japanese sweet that has been popular in Tokyo since the Edo period. Fermented foods are a boom in the world due to their health and deliciousness, but kuzumochi has also been reviewed as a fermented food from ancient Japan.


Freeze-dried mucilage extracted from seaweed such as Amakusa. It is widely used for cooking, confectionery ingredients, or as a laxative, oblate raw material for medical purposes, bacterial culture medium, etc.
Currently produced in Nagano Prefecture. Most of the ingredients are carbohydrates, but since they are hardly digested when eaten, they are attracting attention as low-energy health foods.
Agar is tasteless and odorless, so it is delicious to eat it with black suger and Kinako.


Warabi-mochi is a Japanese sweet that is made from warabi powder and has a soft taste. It's delicious when eaten with kinako or black honey. The texture is much smoother than that of kuzumochi.

Kinako-Dango(sweet rice dumpling)

A sweet rice dumpling is a grain flour that is made by adding water or hot water, rolling it, and steaming or boiling it. There are things like sprinkled with kinako, seasoned with soy sauce or red beans, and skewered Dango.

Kinako Fried bread

Kinako fried bread is a bread that is familiar to children at school lunch in Japan.
The bread is deep fried and Kinako is put around it, so it's high in calories, but when it's delicious and lunch, children are very happy when fried bread is on the menu.

Kinako Donut

Kinako donuts don’t usually have much opportunity to eat. It’s at the time of Japanese sweets collaboration of a donut shop. Kinako It tastes like fried bread.

Kinako mochi(rice cake sweets)

Kinakomochi is Kinako rice cake sweets. In Japan, we eat "OZOUNI" rice cake with rice cakes on New Year's New Year, boiled in bonito dashi and miso soup.
There are many ways to eat mochi. Make it Oshiruko and eat with red beans. We eat Kinako, soy sauce, grated daikon radish, soy sauce and Nori. If you want to eat sweet rice cakes, it is best to eat with Kinako and red beans.

Kinako Ohagi(Rice ball coated with soybean flour)

Ohagi contains crushed and rounded rice mixed with non-glutinous rice and mochi rice.
Eat kinako and azuki beans around the rice.
It's softer than mochi and doesn't get stiff over time. In Japan, we often eat at the time of the amaryllis. It is also sold in supermarkets.

Water jelly

A jelly made by simply cooling water with gelatin, kanten, agar, etc. It is a transparent jelly with no taste, but it is a popular handmade dessert that has a smooth, fluffy texture and smoothness.A very healthy and low calorie jelly.

Kinako pizza on ice cream

kinako pizza is a sweet and delicious dessert menu that mixes Italian and Japanese food with ice cream on warm pizza dough and Kinako and Black suger.
The chewy texture of pizza dough and the cold texture of ice cream are delicious.

Yatuhashi(type of sweet made with red bean paste)

Yatsuhashi is a Japanese confectionery made by cutting the Yatsuhashi dough into pieces that are steamy and easy to eat.
One of Kyoto's classic souvenirs, "Yatsuhashi," is generally made from a soft, thin, mochi-like dough that is folded in a triangle and contains Anko.
In Japan, it is sold as a famous souvenir from Kyoto, so you can buy it at department stores in Japan or Kyoto. It cannot be purchased at supermarkets in town. The main tastes are matcha-flavored yatuhashi and cinnamon-flavored yatuhashi. Recently, there are also cherry flavors and chocolate flavors.

Kinako kakigoori(shaved ice)

Shaved ice is a dessert that is popular all over the world. Even in Japan, there are various flavors such as strawberry flavor, lemon flavor, and melon flavor.
Japanese flavors include Uji matcha flavor, shiratama dumpling and shaved ice with azuki beans. It also has Kinako and black suger on it, so it's very sweet and delicious with Japanese shaved ice.

Kinako soft ice cream

It's similar to shaved ice.
Ice cream made from milk with Kinako and black suger.
It is often listed on the dessert menu of Japanese family restaurants.

Delicious Kinako sweets

There are many sweets using Kinako in Japan.
All sweets are very delicious.
I introduced sweets this time, but next time I will tell about the nutrition and health of Kinako in the next article. Now, what is the “Black suger” that you mentioned in this article? I will tell you about it as well.

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