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●Let ’s cook a Chazuke !! Taste is... stock one Chazuke in the kitchen pantry!

Let ’s cook a Chazuke !!
Do you know how to make Chazuke?
Simple Japanese food that kids can cook ♪

I wrote an article about Chazuke the other day, this article【●Chazuke is Seasoning for Rice Soup.Cheap price & delicious! How about souvenirs from Japan?】 so today I will tell you how to make Cyazuke. If you prepare hot water, it can be made so easily that children can easily make it, so make it when you are staying at Home.


・ Rice
・ Chazuke

How to make

  1. Put rice in bowl dish.

2.Apply cyazuke seasoning to rice

3.Pour hot water on rice with Chazuke Seasoning



The color of the hot water turned green and it looked like green tea.

Chazuke seasoning contains rice crackers.
Enjoy the taste of PARI-PARI the rice cracker!
It is also OK to enjoy the flavor as the rice cracker softens!

This time, I made Nori-Chazuke.
However, add UMEBOSHI here, eat a little Wasabi, add more Nori, and make your own original Chazuke.

I like salmon Chazuke, so if I only have Nori chazuke at home, I will add salmon and eat it.

It is dangerous if you get burned, so do not let your child use hot water, or give it to an adult. Be careful and eat delicious Chazuke.

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