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●Chazuke is Seasoning for Rice Soup.Cheap price & delicious! How about souvenirs from Japan?

In Japan, there are very delicious meals to eat when you are hungry.
Do you know Chazuke?
Chazuke is completed by pouring Chazuke seasoning on rice and boiling water.

What is Chazuke?

Rice that has been eaten in Japan since ancient times.
Sprinkle hot water or green tea on the rice and season with the seasoning.
Less burden on stomach.
And after a little hungry or after drinking alcohol, it is perfect for an evening meal for exam study.

How does Chazuke taste?

What is the taste of Chazuke seasoning?
Looking at the raw materials, it is written like this.

Seasoning granules (salt, sugar, matcha, kelp powder), Rice cracker, Nori / seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

It contains Nori and rice crackers, and uses kelp soup to taste salty.
The reason why matcha is contained is that if you add hot water, a green soup will be formed, so it may be made to resemble green tea.

How much calories in Chazuke?

The calories in Nori chazuke is 15Kcal per pack (6g).
There are many types of Chazuke, so I put them in a list.

Calories in Chazuke list

Types of Chazuke Calories
Nori(6g) 15kcal
Salmon(SAKE)(5.8g) 13kcal
Umeboshi(5.6g) 12kcal
Tarako(6.5g) 16kcal
Wasabi(5.3g) 12kcal
Types of Chazuke
From left: Nori, salmon, Umeboshi, Tarako, Wasabi

The calories in 100g of rice is about 168kcal.
A bowl of rice is 150g and the calorie of rice is about 252kcal.
In addition, the amount of calories in the list is the calories of one Chazuke meal.
Calories are low.

Where can I buy it?

Chazuke is available at Japanese supermarkets and Japanese souvenir shops. Sometimes you can buy it at convenience stores.You can buy and share many kinds of Chazuke!
Each package contains a different number, but you can buy it for $ 2 to $ 3.

It's a bit more expensive than in Japan, but of course you can buy it on amazon.

With the smell of rice crackers and nori, and the simplicity of pouring hot water, it is a classic that is loved by everyone.

Put your favorite ingredients on the original Chazuke and OK!
In the summer it is OK to cool it with cold water!
Enjoy Chazuke when you like and how you eat.

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