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●Popular No.1!!Tuna(Maguro) Sushi rolls is Full nutrition!

The most popular Hosomaki sushi among many kinds of Hosomaki sushi is "Tuna (Maguro) sushi roll".
In Japanese, it is not called tuna roll. Then, what we call tuna roll is called “Tekkamaki”.
Why do you call it Tekkamaki?
This time, I would like to tell you about Tekkamaki.

What is Tekkamaki?

Tekkamaki is a type of Edomae sushi or seaweed roll that consists of tuna wrapped with vinegared rice and Nori (seaweed).
It is usually wrapped with wasabi, soy sauce is added, and then eaten.

Why do you call it Tekkamaki?

There is a theory that the name Tekkamaki comes from the fact that tuna resembles the heat of iron.
Another theory is that in the past, it was a simple meal that you could eat while gambling at Tekkaplace (casino).
This area has something in common with the origin of Western sandwiches.
There is also a theory that Tekkamaki was created by imitating a sandwich.
However, it seems that the latter theory is not powerful.
Because there are other foods that come with Tekka in Japan.
There are "Tekka-Don", "Tekka-Miso", etc., and all have in common that "Tekka place" and "heat" are irrelevant because "red color" and "spicyness".

What is the nutrition of Tekkamaki (Tuna sushi roll)?

Tengokumaki In addition to the high quality protein and iron content of tuna red meat, you can also ingest the minerals and vitamin A of seaweed, so this is a well-balanced sushi.
Maguro is also rich in DHA and EPA, and also rich in Omega-3, making it a very nutritious fish.

Does Tekkamaki contain Wasabi?

Many Hosomaki sushi in Japan include Maki Sushi wrapped with Wasabi. When a child eats... it's a tragedy.
When a child eats, he/she can say "Please remove Wasabi." and you can get Tekkamaki without Wasabi.



In Japan, sushi is often eaten by hand without using chopsticks. At overseas sushi restaurants, you can see the scene of eating with chopsticks, but Hosomaki sushi is easy to eat because you don't have to worry about getting dirty even if you eat it by hand.
Hosomaki sushi is always available in the sushi section of the supermarket.
It may not be bad to try it by hand like Japanese eating methods.
Be sure to try Tekkamaki (Tuna sushi roll), which contains a good balance of various nutrients.

For my family, Tekkamaki is as popular as Kappamaki.

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