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Usually, there are main dishes and side dishes on the table. However, when I was a little hungry or when I only had rice without a main dish.
Well, what should we do?
Do you only eat rice?
At that time, there are very good help items in Japan.

It's ‘FURIKAKE’ (Rice seasoning).


Simply speaking, FURIKAKE is a flavored powder that is put on rice.
Is it easy to understand rice seasoning?
It is one of the foods prepared by many people on the Japanese dining table.
There are many types of FURIKAKE, including FURIKAKE, which has cartoons for adult sprinkles and children.
Cute FURIKAKE with pictures of DORAEMON and Kitty are on sale at supermarkets in Japan.
Therefore, I investigated in detail about FURIKAKE, which is popular in Japan.

FURIKAKE history.

When, where and who made FURIKAKE?

At present, FURIKAKE is always available at home. The roots of FURIKAKE are surprisingly shallow, and it is said that it is about 100 years old.

It started as a dietary supplement

In the early Taisho era, a pharmacist from Kumamoto, Sueyoshi Yoshimaru, worried about the low calcium intake of Japanese people, and wondered what to do if small fish were dried and powdered.
It is said that the seasoning was started by adding seasoning, roasted sesame, laver, etc. to the powder, eliminating the smell of fish, and shaking rice to eat even people who dislike fish, and bottling it. .

What is the origin of FURIKAKE

When it was invented in the Taisho era, there was no name "FURIKAKE". After that, even though there are products, there is a period when the name "FURIKAKE" does not exist, and "○ friend" such as "rice friend", "dining table friend", "excursion friend", "enjoyment friend", "travel friend" is the name of FURIKAKE Was used as
Since the establishment of the National FURIKAKE Association in 1959, it was defined as FURIKAKE food and officially used as a name.

Change of product name

From the Taisho era, when "○○ no Friend" was synonymous with FURIKAKE, to the Showa era, when the definition of FURIKAKE was decided, the naming changed.
The names of raw materials such as "salmon FURIKAKE", "Shirasu Chazuke" and "Tarako FURIKAKE" have begun to increase.
FURIKAKE has become an indispensable part of the Japanese food culture, as characters popular with children have become brand names and diversified.

Recent FURIKAKE circumstances.

FURIKAKE is still evolving, though it is said to be the time of satiety. Manufacturers develop products that make use of raw materials according to the application, and new products are being released more and more. Its use is expanding, and it is not only eaten "over rice", but also used as a kind of seasoning such as udon, buckwheat, spaghetti topping, salad dressing.

There are many kinds of FURIKAKE in Japanese supermarkets.

The most famous FURIKAKE is "NORITAMA" from a Japanese company called MARUMIYA FOOD. FURIKAKE has been popular with Japanese people for 60 years.
The combination of seaweed and eggs is sweet and addictive.

What is Noritama that revolutionized the dining table?

Speaking of long-time sellers in the sprinkling world, Marumiya Food's Noritama.

The revolutionary use of high-quality chicken eggs at the time as raw materials. In addition, the development technology of the crisp egg particles contributed to the spread of later variations.
At that time, nori and eggs had the image of high-end products, and were developed under the concept of "food that can easily enjoy the luxurious taste of home-style breakfast, even at home."

It is difficult to process a fluffy feeling like fried egg into a dried product, and as a result of continuing trial and error, a drying method using hot air has been developed and soft dried eggs can be produced.
By using this for FURIKAKE, breakfast at home became more rich.

FURIKAKE is a unique Japanese food culture and has a long history. In recent years, they are also available at Japanese food supermarkets and Amazon. Please try it once?
At mealtime, Rice friend will be your friend‼

thank you for reading.

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