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●Detailed explanation about Kani Kamaboko!

Have you seen the previous article about 'Kani Kamaboko'?
Kani kamaboko was found to be healthy despite a lot of unexpected nutrients. In Japan it is called Kani Kamaboko, but in English it seems to say crab kamaboko, Crab Stick .
So when do you eat crab kamaboko in Japan?

When do you eat crab kamaboko?

In Japan, salmon is a premium food. It is common to eat during New Years and celebrations. When you stay at a ryokan, you may be served a little at dinner, but you don't always eat.
But I want to taste the strawberry flavor! When it is said, it is crab kamaboko.
Easily eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How much is the price of kani kamaboko?

Crab kamaboko sells for about 100 to 250 yen ($ 1 to $ 3) at supermarkets.
Easy to buy food. There is no price fluctuation, so you can buy it easily. Real crabs are 10,000yen ~ ($ 100 ~) and are not easily sold in supermarkets. (The real crab is a seasonal food)

Where do you sell kani kamaboko?

They sell at supermarkets in the city. Sometimes there are stores that sell at convenience stores.
In supermarkets, they are often placed in the fish paste corner. (In addition to crab kamaboko, there are many fish pastes sold in Japan. All are healthy.)

What is the red part of crab kamaboko made of?

The red portion of the kamakamaboko is made using a component called lycopene extracted from tomatoes, not a bad component to the body.
Many people know that tomato is a vegetable that is eaten all over the world.

Why do you say 'Kani Kamaboko'?

It tastes like a crab and is made into fibers like a crab so you can split it and eat it. It looks crab and has a texture like a crab.

What kind of taste is crab kamaboko?

It tastes like salt like a real crab.
It is not very salty and can be eaten as it is.
If you eat one, you won't be able to stop your hand again or next time!

Here are some dishes using crab kamaboko.

Crab kamaboko salad

Crab stick salad.

Just top it on the salad.
Just eat with dressing.
Very easy!

Savory egg custard

Seafood chawanmushi.

Chawanmushi is famous for Japanese food. Some may contain mushrooms, chicken, corn, bamboo shoots and shrimp.
Sometimes you can eat crab kamaboko in it.
The yellow part is the egg liquid, which is a mixture of soup stock and eggs taken from bonito. Chawanmushi is a dish that is steamed with various ingredients and egg liquid.

Flower type crab kamaboko

In Japan, children sometimes bring lunches to schools and kindergartens and adults to work places at lunch time. It's a bit of work, but you can make it so cute.

How to make

1.Carefully unwind the crab kamaboko.

2.This is all open.

3.Tear the kamaboko. Only in the middle so you can't get it.

4.Fold the kamaboko in half into the cut. If it's cut out in step 3, put it inside.

5.roll up and down. Complete the shape. The shape is adjusted when it is rolled up and pressed firmly.

t's very cute whether you roll from the red or white.
It is cute even if you put it in a lunch box.

Besides, put it in the fried egg. There are many dishes of crab kamaboko.

Finally, crab kamaboko is also sold seasonally with such an interesting taste.

Soda flavor

Orange flavor

Lemon flavor

I have never eaten, but the soda taste has been a hot topic all over Japan and has been broadcast on TV.


Crab kamaboko is high in protein and low in calories.
And it's salty and tasty and easy to buy. The price is not high, so you can eat it casually.
Since it can be used for various dishes, there are many families that use it for salads and lunch boxes.
Please try crab kamaboko, a hot topic around the world, when you visit Japan someday‼

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