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●What is the amazing effect of Japanese food “Japanese apricot”?


Do you know Japanese apricot?
Japanese is called “Umeboshi”.

Umeboshi is one of the traditional Japanese foods.
Japanese traditional food “Ume” has various beneficial effects on the body.

A characteristic of plums is that they are rich in organic acids.
Citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid effective for recovery from fatigue,
Rich in various other organic acids.

The nutritional value of ume is excellent among fruits,
Protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals (inorganic)
Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C are also abundant.

I will introduce the work of Ume.

The effect of Ume.

Mineral richer than mandarin oranges and apples, calcium is 4 times that of apples and iron is 6 times.

Mineral nutrients (calcium, phosphorus, water, iron, etc.) are contained in things that form the human body, such as bones, teeth, blood, and tissue fluid. When these nutrients, commonly called minerals, are deficient, the human body loses balance and causes various diseases.

Ume contains abundant minerals necessary for the body. Ume mineral content is higher than mandarin oranges, apples and grapes. Ume it is smaller than apples, but calcium is 4 times more than apples and 6 times more iron. Magnesium and zinc are actually more ume.

Fatigue recovery effect Reduces accumulation of waste products

If energy metabolism does not go well, incomplete combustion of nutrients may occur, causing fatigue and stiff shoulders, cell aging, arteriosclerosis, lifestyle-related diseases, and so on.

Organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid, which are also the sour components of Ume, have the function of stimulating and activating carbohydrate metabolism. This makes the process of converting nutrients into energy smooth.

In other words, Ume can be expected not only to recover from fatigue, but also to relieve back pain and stiff shoulders, prevent aging, and create a body that is hard to get tired.

Increased appetite by promoting saliva secretion

Citric acid, the sour component of Ume, not only promotes the secretion of saliva and increases appetite, but also increases the secretion of gastric juice and other digestive enzymes to help digestion and absorption. In addition, picric acid contained in trace amounts in Ume activates intestinal activity and can be expected to improve bowel movements.

A typical alkaline food that balances the meal. For 100g of beef, only 5g of umeboshi is OK!

To maintain health, it is essential to balance the acidity and alkalinity of our bodies. In order to be healthy, body fluids (blood and cell fluids) must be kept weakly alkaline.

However, most of the staple foods such as rice and bread and foods such as meat and fish are acidic foods. Sake is also a food that makes the body acidic.

In modern life, it is apt to take a lot of acidic foods, but when the body fluid is acidified, the blood becomes muddy and the flow of capillaries deteriorates, causing poor circulation. In addition, the function of decomposing fatigue substances (lactic acid) due to citric acid does not work well, lactic acid accumulates in muscles, etc., and waste products accumulate.

For the body, it is necessary to eat alkaline food and neutralize acidity. Umeboshi is a sour but alkaline food that can neutralize acidity with a little bit of eating.

In order to neutralize acidity when 100g of beef is eaten, for example, about 900g (about 9) is needed for cucumbers, but only 5g (about 1 / 2-1) is enough for umeboshi. It is more efficient than eating large amounts of vegetables.

Eating alkaline food plums improves blood and lymph flow and improves resistance and immunity, making it less likely to get sick.

Ume encourages absorption of calcium and iron

Although the deficiency of calcium in modern people has been pointed out for a long time, even if you take it with caution in your daily diet, calcium does not readily settle because it has a poor absorption effect. Moreover, the calcium absorption rate decreases with age.

However, organic acids such as citric acid are said to have the action of promoting the absorption of calcium and iron, which have a low absorption rate, and preventing calcium from being taken out of the bone. In other words, eating ume every day can be expected to gradually increase the calcium retention rate in the body.

Ume have an excellent effect on growing children, elderly people and adults who need calcium.

Enhance liver function and improve blood flow. For prevention of thrombus and arteriosclerosis!

Umeboshi has a component called pyruvic acid, which is said to be effective in strengthening liver function. This is a great ingredient for people who drink alcohol.

In addition, products made by heating plum such as jam and ume meat extract are combined with sugar contained in plum and citric acid to produce a component called memefural.

Mumefural is thought to be useful for improving blood flow and preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as thrombus prevention and arteriosclerosis. In addition, by suppressing the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and smoothing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, it is possible to promote waste discharge and to recover from fatigue. Since metabolism is activated, it also leads to suppression of aging.

Ume bactericidal action Prevents microbial growth and prevents food poisoning


Citric acid contained in ume has excellent bactericidal and sterilizing effects. Traditionally adding rice pickles to rice balls and bento lunches is aimed at reducing the growth of citrate microorganisms.
In addition, when you enter the stomach, the bile works actively, and you can expect the effect on bacteria that cause food poisoning. In recent years, a group of Hiroshi Utsunomiya, a lecturer at Wakayama Medical University, has studied the effect of inhibiting the growth of Helicobacter pylori, which is a cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers and is associated with gastric cancer. It is.

Ume is an excellent food that can be expected to prevent food poisoning and cancer by incorporating it into daily meals.

Beautiful skin, anti-aging prevention, swelling, worries for women, spots and wrinkles

One of the causes of skin spots, wrinkles and dullness is aging of internal organs.

Ume citric acid promotes metabolism and promotes the discharge of waste products in the body. This can be expected to eliminate swelling, prevent skin beautification and prevent aging.

Ume also contains antioxidants such as polyphenols and vitamin E, and boasts excellent content in vegetables and fruits.


I'm not a Japanese doctor, but in Japan, I say that it has such an effect on dried plums.

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