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●Health Benefits of umeboshi plum vinegar!

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Umeboshi plum vinegar may be thought of as a little "difficult to use seasoning" in the shadow of regular seasoning members.
It's often heard that "umeboshi plum vinegar made by making umeboshi remains on the shelf."

However, in fact, umeboshi plum vinegar has been an "ace of seasoning" since ancient times, and it has various uses other than seasoning.
Besides, if it has various effects, there is no reason not to use it!

This time, I would like to introduce the health benefits and use of umeboshi plum vinegar.

What is umeboshi plum vinegar
Umeboshi plum vinegar is an extract that comes out of the plum when it is salted.

Umeboshi plum vinegar has the image of being a by-product of umeboshi, but it is also a seasoning that has a history that was introduced in the Chinese history book "Syokei" around 600 BC and is actually older than umeboshi.

The word "shioume," which refers to the taste of food, seems to be derived from salt and umeboshi plum vinegar.

There is a word left that means that adding salt and umeboshi plum vinegar will add just the right amount of taste.
It can be seen that umeboshi plum vinegar has long been regarded as an important seasoning.

What is the difference between red umeboshi plum vinegar and white umeboshi plum vinegar?

There are two types of "umeboshi plum vinegar": yellow to ocher and red.

There are two types: "white umeboshi plum vinegar" that comes up first when pickled plums are picked up, and "red umeboshi plum vinegar" that is pickled with red perilla.

"Red umeboshi plum vinegar" has the perfume scent and ingredients.
It also contains red perilla ingredients, which are said to have high medicinal properties, so it can be said that there is red umeboshi plum vinegar for nutrition.
Myoga and new ginger are also dyed in a beautiful pink color, so you can use them for coloring dishes.

"White umeboshi plum vinegar" is useful when you don't want to add color to your dishes.
You can enjoy the scent of plum with a simple taste of only plum and salt.
Please use them according to your preference.

How to make umeboshi plum vinegar

umeboshi plum vinegar is pickled plum with salt ...
That's right. How to make umeboshi plum vinegar is how to make equal umeboshi.

To make it, put plum and salt alternately in a container, put a weight and a lid on it, and leave it until umeboshi plum vinegar rises.
If you just want umeboshi plum vinegar, you can leave the umeboshi as it is without picking it, so it's very easy.

In the case of red umeboshi plum vinegar, the process of removing the red perilla and adding it is added, but still it is less troublesome than fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce.

The fresh, fruity scent of handmade umeboshi plum vinegar is exceptional! Please try making it once.

How to save umeboshi plum vinegar?

Please save the umeboshi plum vinegar with the following precautions.

・ Avoid direct sunlight
・ If it is pickled with 20% salt, it can be stored at room temperature.
・ It is safe to store Umeboshi plum vinegar with low salt in the refrigerator
・ Avoid metal or plastic storage containers as they may be corroded by acid.

Effects of umeboshi plum vinegar

Now, umeboshi plum vinegar with plenty of plum extract.
As well as pickled plums, it has many health benefits.

Effect1:Antiseptic / food poisoning prevention effect

Antiseptic / food poisoning prevention effect
Plum vinegar contains about 20% salt and about 4% citric acid.

Both salt and citric acid have a strong bactericidal effect, which is effective in preventing food damage and food poisoning.

Effect2:Antiviral effect

It has been reported that polyphenols extracted from umeboshi plum vinegar have the effect of inhibiting the growth of influenza virus and disinfecting them.

In addition to influenza, it is expected to have a growth inhibitory effect against viruses such as herpes labialis, polio, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, and noro.

Effect3:Hypertension suppression effect

Animal experiments using the extract of umeboshi plum vinegar have confirmed the effect of suppressing the increase in blood pressure.

It has been reported that the ume extract improves the blood flow, and it is thought that umeboshi plum vinegar also suppresses high blood pressure as a result of the improved blood flow.

Effect4:Anti-inflammatory / Preventive effect against lifestyle-related diseases

It seems that the polyphenols contained in umeboshi plum vinegar and their constituents have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

It is known that when the phenomenon of "chronic inflammation" occurs in the body, lifestyle-related diseases are exacerbated throughout the body such as blood vessels, liver, pancreas, and taking umeboshi plum vinegar may lead to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. Is expected.

Effect5:Anti-obesity effect

It seems that the polyphenols contained in umeboshi plum vinegar have been found in animal experiments to have the effect of suppressing an increase in body weight, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and body fat percentage when eating a high-fat diet.

It also has the effect of reducing LDL cholesterol levels in the blood, and intake of umeboshi plum vinegar is also likely to help prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis caused by blood fat.

Many people try the "umeboshi plum vinegar diet", but ume vinegar contains a lot of salt, so be careful not to take too much.

Effect6:Antioxidant effect

It is said that the component of rioniresinol (ume lignan) contained in umeboshi plum vinegar has an antioxidant effect and prevents the effects of aging and diseases caused by active oxygen.

Effect 7:Anti-cancer effect

It is said that a component called lionyresinol (ume lignan) contained in umeboshi plum vinegar has the effect of suppressing or repairing DNA mutations that lead to the development of cancer.

Various ways to use umeboshi plum vinegar

Umeboshi plum vinegar is not only used for eating!

The high bactericidal effect seems to be useful in various situations in daily life.

It's a little wasteful, but it's recommended for those who want to use the most natural thing possible, such as a household with a baby.


How to use umeboshi plum vinegar 1 Gargle with umeboshi plum vinegar


Gargle with 10 times diluted umeboshi plum vinegar.

It is harmless if swallowed, so it is safe for pregnant women and small children.


How to use umeboshi plum vinegar 2 umeboshi plum vinegar spray


For those who want to use it on the go, it is recommended to use a spray containing a diluted solution of umeboshi plum vinegar.

Please use it when you have a bad throat or when you do not want to catch a cold.

As expected, umeboshi plum vinegar can be easily damaged if diluted, so put it in a small container and use it up early.


How to use umeboshi plum vinegar 3 For disinfecting cutting boards


Plum vinegar can also be used when you handle fish and the cutting board smells.

Pour umeboshi plum vinegar onto the cutting board as it is, leave it for a while and rinse it off with boiling water for a persistent scent.

If you use red umeboshi plum vinegar, the cutting board may be stained, so use white umeboshi plum vinegar when using it on a wooden cutting board.


How to use umeboshi plum vinegar 4 For cleaning


Citric acid contained in umeboshi plum vinegar has a function of cleaning scale.

Place kitchen paper on the sink or other area of ​​concern and hang the umeboshi plum vinegar on it for a few hours. If you rub it afterwards, the dirt will be removed.

If you use red umeboshi plum vinegar, be careful as it will be colored if it is dyed easily.


How to use umeboshi plum vinegar 5 For rice ball hand water


If you don't use umeboshi plum vinegar very often, start here.

If you use umeboshi plum vinegar for hand water when gripping a rice ball, salt will also be attached and the rice ball will not be easily damaged by the bactericidal effect.

Red umeboshi plum vinegar will add a hint of perilla to your appetite.

umeboshi plum vinegar is a very convenient seasoning

You know that umeboshi plum vinegar can be used for various purposes. Umeboshi plum vinegar is hard to obtain, but umeboshi plum vinegar is sold in bottles even if you do not make Umeboshi, so please use it when you want to try new dishes.

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