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● 6 effects of bran pickles! "Nukazuke"What are some good things for health and beauty?
Nukazuke is not only delicious, but it has many nice effects if you continue to eat it. This time, I would like to introduce the effect of Nukazuke so that you can know more about the wonderfulness of Nukazuke. ※Nukazuke…bran pickles(rice bran pickles) Also, at the end, I will talk about the amount to eat per meal, so don't miss it! Now, let's talk about the effects of Nukazuke. If you know the effect, you will surely want to eat bran pickles.

Not just delicious! What are the 6 effects of rice bran pickles?

Nukazuke is the best food to accompany rice! What kind of effect does such delicious "Nukazuke"? First, let me introduce you to the list. 6 effects of bran pickles ・ Efficient nutrition ・ Improvement of intestinal environment ・ Improved immunity ・ Prevention of arteriosclerosis ・ Diet support ・ Beautiful skin You can see that rice bran pickles are expected to be effective not only for health but also for beauty. However, why does bran pickling have such an effect? ​​Many people are wondering. So, I will explain each effect in detail.

Effect of pickled rice bran 1: Efficient nutrition

How many people are considering the nutritional requirements for our daily lives every meal? I'm sure there are many people who cook properly with the foods they want to eat or the foods in the refrigerator. Rice bran pickles are the recommended food for you. Because ・ Vegetables can be taken with rice bran pickles ・ Nukazuke is more nutritious than eating vegetables as they are "Nuka (brown rice skin)" used for rice bran floor is rich in nutrients and is said to contain more than 90% of the nutrition of rice! Nukazuke has the same effect as eating brown rice because vegetables absorb the nutrients of the bran. ・ Good for digestion ・ Easy to add to your daily meal It has many good effects and is easier than eating brown rice, so it is easy to continue. What's more, changing the pickled vegetables can be fun everyday. It's important to take good nutrition to maintain good health and beauty.

Effect of bran pickles Part 2: Improvement of intestinal environment

Since rice bran pickles are fermented with "lactic acid bacteria", you can take in lactic acid bacteria with them. Many people know that lactic acid bacteria are very famous. It is a good bacterium that works as a good bacterium in the intestine. Therefore, if you continue to eat bran pickles, bad bacteria will gradually decrease and the intestinal environment will improve. And the good news is that bran-pickled lactic acid bacteria are plant-based so they are strong against stomach acid! Of course, even if the bacteria die, it is a good bait, so it is not a waste, but it is easier to realize the effect if it reaches the intestines alive. So, if you are having trouble with constipation right now, why not try Nukazuke? This may be more effective than animal lactic acid bacteria such as milk yogurt.

Effect of bran pickles 3: Immunity

In the previous chapter, I talked about how "rice bran pickles improve the intestinal environment," but in fact, when the intestinal environment improves, immunity naturally increases. In fact, most human immune cells are found in the intestine. What's more, the ratio is 70%, which is surprising! Therefore, if the intestines are in good condition, immune cells will also move actively, and the immunity will naturally increase. as a result, ・ It is difficult to catch a cold ・ Reduced to viral enteritis ・ Reduces atopic dermatitis and allergic symptoms ・ Cancer prevention You will also be able to expect benefits and effects.

Effect of pickled rice bran 4: Prevention of arteriosclerosis

Atherosclerosis suddenly causes major diseases such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction, so daily prevention is important. However, since there are various causes of arteriosclerosis, it is not always the best to pick rice bran … For example, ・ Poor blood flow (lack of exercise or sitting) ・ A lot of bad cholesterol (too much fat such as fried food) ・ High blood pressure (too much of a strong taste or salty food) ・ High blood sugar (eating too fast or eating too much sweet food) etc. The best way to prevent arteriosclerosis is to change your lifestyle habits! And if you add "Nukazuke" to it, you can further enhance the preventive effect. For rice bran pickles Niacin: Improves blood flow B vitamins: reduce bad cholesterol Potassium: eliminates excessive salt Dietary fiber: Slowly absorbs sugar and suppresses spikes in blood sugar It contains a lot of nutrients that are effective in preventing arteriosclerosis. In addition, bran pickles also contain calcium, which strengthens blood vessels that tend to become brittle with age. "Bad cholesterol" is less likely to enter the supple blood vessels, and it will prevent further deterioration of arteriosclerosis.

The effect of pickling rice bran 5: Diet support

It's important to convert the nutrients you eat into energy and consume it to keep fat out of your body. For rice bran pickles
  • Vitamin B1 (converts sugar into energy)
  • Vitamin B2 (converts fat into energy)
The diet contains a lot of good nutrition,
  • Improving intestinal environment (preventing lower abdomen due to fecal impaction & preventing excessive absorption of sugar and lipid from stool)
  • Enzymes (save enzymes used to digest food and can be used for metabolism)
  • More nutritious than the original ingredients (prevents metabolic deterioration due to nutritional deficiency)
It also works well, so it's perfect for diet support. Of course, if you pay attention to how you eat and exercise, and work hard on your diet, then rice bran picking should be a very encouraging ally!

Effects of pickled rice 6: skin care

・ Vitamins B2 and B6: Taken together to improve the skin's ability to regenerate and make it easier to heal wounds ・ Niacin: Improves blood flow and makes it easier for nutrients to reach skin cells ・ Picking vegetables with a lot of vitamin C: Collagen is produced and the skin becomes firm. ・ Rice oil: If you mix the bran floor with your bare hands, it will be moisturized by rice oil to prevent rough hands. By the way, I have told you about the effects of rice bran pickling. Wouldn't it make you want to try it soon after learning about the various positive effects? However, since rice bran pickles have a high salt content, overeating is NG no matter how good they are for health and beauty. So next, I'll talk about how much you should eat per meal.

How much should I eat with rice bran pickles?

How much do you need to eat bran pickles in one meal? This can't be said "this much" because it depends on the amount of salt on the bran floor and the time it takes to soak the ingredients. However, if you use it as a guide, it's about adding a little to the rice. It may be too much when the small bowl is full. Since bran pickles also contain "potassium", which expels the salt that is taken too much, you don't have to be so nervous if you don't take too much. However, if you have symptoms of thirst or swelling despite the fact that the menu items other than bran pickles are not high in salt content, eat too much bran pickles! Let's reduce the amount. Since rice bran pickles are delicious, I tend to eat a lot. However, since salt is also taken from other dishes, be careful not to eat too much bran pickles, as the salt will quickly become overloaded. Please eat a little.

Which vegetables are suitable for Nukazuke?

Basically any vegetables can be pickled. The pickled vegetables that are popular in Japan are … ・ Cucumber ・ Carrot ・ Daikon(Radish) ・ Turnip ・ Eggplant ・ Okra These vegetables are common, but the vegetables that can be harvested differ depending on the season, so it is recommended that you pickle them. Leafy vegetables are not recommended. Also, since water comes out from the vegetables, it can be wiped off with kitchen paper, and the salt content will become thinner, so adding salt or bran will take time and effort, but it is delicious.

Where can I buy it? Do you sell only to Japan?

It is also sold by mail order such as amazon in countries other than Japan. In the old days, Nukadoko is stored at room temperature, so it shouldn't be spoiled.Therefore, there were many people who did not make bran pickles due to the work of stirring each day, but recently, Nukadoko, which can be stored in the refrigerator, sells it. You can easily eat bran pickles by stirring once a day and storing in the refrigerator.It's easy! Please enjoy the nutritious and delicious bran pickles at home.

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