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●To release Japanese miso to the world! Japanese Traditional Food List~ Miso ~
The other day, I told you about the effects, nutrition, and immunity of miso.(https://healthyjapanesefoods.com/misosoupandmisopaste/) One cup of miso soup has a very good effect on the body. Fermented foods are very good for your health. So, this time, I would like to introduce a dish that uses the classic miso in Japan.

Japanese Traditional Food List~ Miso ~

Miso soup

The other day, I introduced a miso ball that can make instant miso soup. Various types of miso are sold in Japanese supermarkets. You can enjoy miso soup of various flavors by choosing the miso that suits your taste, choosing the vegetables to put in the miso soup, and changing the ingredients inside.

Miso stewed mackerel

The menu is so popular that I think that there are no Japanese people who dislike it. Boyfriend is always in the top of the list of home cooking dishes that I want her to cook, but in recent years, meat dishes are preferred to fish dishes, so there are not many people who cook. However, it is a delicious, high-protein, low-calorie boiled fish, so you may want to try it once. Since it contains a lot of DHA and EPA, it seems that when it is given to children, it boosts immunity and also makes them smarter. (My kids loves fish dishes, so I often make miso boiled mackerel.) However, since mackerel has allergies, those who have allergies should be careful.

Miso Ramen

As the name suggests, miso ramen is miso-flavored soup, and is favored all over Japan. Miso ramen from Hokkaido is probably the most popular. The toppings for miso ramen are sprouts, corn, butter, green onions, and pork chow, which is a standard item, and the miso butter corn ramen is the best! The rich miso soup melts in butter and gives you a rich flavor. What a delicious ramen! There is no doubt that you will be surprised. This is a dish you should definitely try when you come to Japan!

Miso oden

Oden is a Japanese classic dish that is eaten during the cold winter months. The mainstream taste is bonito dashi, and among Japanese restaurants there is also the Oden restaurant. And the easiest way to eat oden … Oden is sold at convenience stores during the fall-winter season. There, you can get condiments such as miso sauce and yuzu pepper. It's very delicious to buy oden and eat it with the sauce. You can enjoy various tastes.

Miso dengaku

Slice a konjac on a plate first, cut it into pieces, and boil them with a skewer in a pan. If there is plenty of sweetened miso sauce, it will be ready. Konjac is a good ally for people who are on a low-calorie, slimming diet! Miso is sweet, so it seems to have calories, but some sugar is an important nutrition for the brain, so don't worry about it. Besides konjac miso sauce is versatile because it eats taro and tofu through heat.

Miso katu

Miso cutlet is a pork cutlet cooked with bean paste such as Hatcho Miso, bonito soup, and a sauce made based on sugar. It is a dish that can be found in the Chukyo area centered on Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture. The miso sauce varies depending on the shop and region, and is a unique one that is sweetened by adding various things. Eat with miso sauce instead of the sauce.


“Houtou” is a typical Yamanashi cuisine. It is a simple dish in which flat noodles made of flour are mixed with ingredients such as pumpkin, potatoes, mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, and meat, and boiled with miso-made soup. It has also been reported that in the old days, Sengoku warlords and Shingen Takeda ate food during the battle. Please try it when you visit Yamanashi Prefecture.

Miso Manju

Miso Manju is a Japanese confectionery that uses miso. Manjyu dough (flour) is kneaded with miso and steamed. This miso manju is found all over Japan, but since the miso used is unique to each region, it is also a local famous confection and souvenir confection.

Miso dishes that represent Japan

There are still many miso dishes in Japan. Every home refrigerator has miso. In the supermarket, you can buy it for about 500 to 600 yen per kg. Miso, which has a small capacity, is also sold, so why not choose a delicious one and add it to your meal to have a healthy diet. If you want to know how to make it, please leave a message on Twitter's DM or contact form.

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