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●Do you like sushi?Delicious japanese hosomaki sushi~Oshinko roll~

What do you think of when it comes to traditional Japanese food?

The representative Japanese food eaten all over the world is...




Fresh Sashimi is on moderately hard vinegared rice and soy sauce is used.
What a luxurious and delicious dish!

By the way, for the sushi this time, not only fresh Sashimi is on vinegared rice as I said earlier, but I also paid attention to Nori called Hosomaki roll wrapped with Nori(seaweed).

There are different types of Hosomaki.

・Tekkamaki roll
・Kappamaki roll
・Kampyomaki roll
・Umeshisomaki roll
・Oshinkomaki roll

There are still many types, but...
Among Hosomaki sushi is Hosomaki sushi, which is very popular with people all over the world.
That is the Oshinkomaki roll that I will introduce this time.

What is Oshinkomaki

A type of sushi nori roll. Sushi wrapped with vinegared rice and Nori(seaweed). Japanese say "Oshinko maki".

Generally, Takuan pickles are wrapped, but the contents differ depending on the region of Japan.
Besides Takuan, Nukazuke, overnight pickled cucumber, Narazuke, Misozuke, Yamagobou, etc. may be added.

What is Takuan wrapped in Oshinkomaki?

Sun-dried Daikon pickled in bran or salt. A type of pickle. Drop the bran, wash, slice into thin slices, and line up on the table. It is one of the side dishes and also has a role of resting chopsticks.
Often found in Onigiri and Obento.
The texture is Paripari with a refreshing taste.
Katuotakuan, which contains dried bonito flakes, is popular in supermarkets.

Why is it popular with tourists?

・Takuan is only available in Japan
・Interesting texture with PARIPARI
For the main reason, it is said that Takuan may be eaten without eating.

My kids also love the Oshinkomaki roll.
In Japan, you can eat at Kaitensushi restaurant or sushi restaurant where you can eat at the counter.

How much does one Hosomaki sushi cost?

The price of Hosomaki sushi is 100-200 yen, and you can eat Oshinnkomaki roll relatively cheaply.

How much will you cut?

You can choose the number of cuts, so you can cut one into 4 or 6, and 8 is easy for kids to eat.
I also sometimes sell them at the sushi corner of the supermarket.

I think Oshinkomaki has few opportunities to eat in the world, so please try it when you come to Japan.

The Hosomaki sushi kit that you can easily make at home is also useful!

Even beginners can enjoy and feel like becoming a sushi chef easily.
You can have a sushi party anytime if you have Nori(Seaweed), Makisushi kit and rice.

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