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●Special feature article: Japanese foods up to immunity!!  No.1

We are now fighting against unknown viruses all over the world.
Infection has spread in Japan, and the number of people infected is increasing every day.
Surgical masks and alcohol hand sanitizers are also sold out.
People spend their days fearing invisible bacteria.

People around the world do Stay home to do what they can to prevent infections of their families and others.

I myself stay home.
It's hard to make three meals a day. You want to take a break
It's hard to think of a menu for three meals.
However, there are many restaurants in the city where you can take out, so I think it would be nice if you could rely on it from time to time and enjoy yourself.
In Japan, there were many restaurants called "No take out."
It's not ecological. I think we have to value food.

Of course, my kids eat a variety of foods without dislikes.

The introduction has become long, but let's get into the main subject.

I thought about what I could do.
I researched Japanese foodstuffs to improve one's immune strength.

Did you know that there are many fermented foods in Japan?

The fermented food that everyone knows around the world is yogurt.
In Japan, there are miso, koji, natto, and rice bran pickles.
Do you know any foods?

It's interesting to note that this fermented food up immunity‼


Koji was introduced in the article by Amasake, (●Can you drink Amazake? A beauty and healthy drink called“IV to drink” in Japan.)but there are other cooking methods. We cook using koji called Shio-koji. Since it is salty malt, you can make sauteed meat that is tender and delicious by dipping the meat in salted malt and then grilling it.
I will introduce it in detail in another article.


Miso is an important food in Japanese food. Used for miso soup. In Japan, it is used in various dishes such as miso ramen and miso oden. Miso konjac is low in calories and healthy, making it ideal for dieting.
I will introduce it in a separate article along with delicious recipes.


Natto is a Japanese food that visitors are definitely not good at. It looks grotesque. You don't feel good I also don't want to eat if I'm in the opposite position.
But Japanese love natto. Sprinkle the bonito dashi stock and the mustard mix. It's Nebaneba. And you can just eat it. Good for rice. Once you try it, you will notice its deliciousness.
You want to know more? Lol
I will talk in detail in a separate article together with the arrangement menu.

Rice bran pickles

Nukazuke is a traditional Japanese pickle. Japanese people have a long tradition of valuing things, so I hate waste.
Rice bran is a powder that is produced when rice is polished, and rice bran is used to make rice bran pickles. The place to make bran pickles is called “Nukadoko”. Nukadoko is troublesome if you do not mix it once a day, as it will rot and mold. It can be made all year long, but it is mainly pickled with summer vegetables. Pickling cucumber, eggplant, radish, carrot etc. is very delicious. It also has a summer-bath prevention effect.

Let's eat delicious fermented food.

Let's up the immunity with fermented foods.
I will update and tell you in separate articles. I think there are some ingredients that you can't get at all, but I'd be happy if you could get a little knowledge about them.

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