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●Simple recipes! Homemade Japanese food:Ajitama Egg(Boiled Eggs)

This time, I will tell you about simple cooking using food that is absolutely present in the world [eggs].

I usually introduce traditional Japanese foods on this website.

And on Twitter, I introduce my dishes such as dinner that I eat everyday.
I was wondering if I wanted to convey a simple Japanese recipe with something different from usual...

・Because the Ajitama I made was delicious!
・On Twitter, there is a limit on the number of characters so I can’t write it!

Yes, I simply wanted to introduce you to delicious Ajitama.
So let's get started.

Why is Ajitama called Ajitama?

It turns out that Ajitama has various names when written in English.

[Seasoned Egg]
[Soft-boiled egg marinated in soy and mirin]
[Soy-marinated Soft-boiled Eggs]
[Boiled eggs with soy sauce flavor]
[Pickle boiled eggs with soy sauce]


Ajitama is a name called in Japan, but it is called Ajitama because it is an egg with a taste (Aji in Japanese).
Ajitama basically has either a soy sauce-based salty taste or a mentsuyu-based slightly sweet taste.
The Ajitama I make is soy sauce based Ajitama.


[Food ingredients]
☆ Soy sauce...100cc
☆Sugar: 1 tbsp

*Please prepare a zip lock and tapper to store the eggs.


[How to make]
1. Boil hot water.

2. In a separate pan, mix all the seasonings written on the food ingredients and heat. (Alcohol removal) When it boils, let it cool.

3. When the water in the pan boils, add the eggs and boil for 6 minutes.

4. After 6 minutes, peel the eggshell while cooling with running water.

5. Put the peeled eggs in the chilled sauce.

◎It will last for about a week in the refrigerator.
When you make Ajitama with this boiled egg, the yolk will be half-boiled and the sauce will be stained day by day and the taste will change every day.


The following is the situation of eggs by progress.
When put in a bag

3 hours after putting it in the bag

After 18 hours

I like Ajitama after 24 hours, but I tried cutting it without waiting for a child.

And 24 hours have passed.

The sauce is dyed on the egg white.


here! !One point advice!

Please prepare the egg before adding it to boiling water.

If you make a small hole in the egg shell with a drawing pin, you can easily remove it when peeling the egg shell.
This is recommended not only when making Ajitama but also when making boiled eggs.

Ajitama Dish List

You can eat Ajitama as it is, or you can use it for other dishes.
Here are just a few.

● Ramen

● Bento

Braised pork and Ajitama

Ajitama bowl

Please try making delicious and easy Ajitama.

Finally, the seasoning used in this recipe. (made in Japan)
Soy sauce, sake (Rice cooking wine), Mirin.

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