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●Calories in Hiyashi chuka(Cold ramen).It's healthy japanese cold noodles.

Hiyashi Chuka is a popular summer dish, and when you see the words "Hiyashi Chuka started" dancing in front of a ramen shop, it reminds you of the arrival of summer.

Boiled Noodles are chilled with water or ice and topped with your choice of toppings.
Then pour the sauce over them and eat them.
The standard toppings are cucumbers, half-boiled egg and ham, but bamboo shoots, crab meat, canned tuna, bean sprouts, roast pork, steamed chicken, steamed shrimp, broken salmon and shiitake mushrooms are also delicious.

The most common sauces are soy sauce and vinegar, or sesame sauce, which is based on sesame sauce.

The theory behind Hiyashi chuka

There are various theories on the origin of the dish.
Initially, a recipe in a magazine listed a dish that looked like Hiyashi Chuka.
However, it was akin to today's equivalent of cold noodles with a salad on top.
The current style of Hiyashi Chuka was established at a restaurant called "Ryu-tei" in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, where the ingredients were made to look like strips of paper to serve to tourists during the Sendai Tanabata Festival, which became the standard for Hiyashi Chuka throughout Japan.

It is still one of the specialties of Sendai, and is served throughout the year.
Some say that the sesame sauce originated at the famous Chinese restaurant "Chinese Sakai" in Kyoto.
At any rate, it is not a Chinese dish, but a Japanese-style Chinese dish that has developed in Japan.

How many calories does Hiyashi Chuka contain?

Calorie and sugar content of 1 serving of Hiyashi Chuka (448 g)
Energy (calories)........526 kcal


Compared to other noodle dishes
Compare Hiyashi Chuka's calorie and sugar content with other noodles per serving.


・Soy Sauce Ramen
Energy (calories)........481 kcal


・Cold tantanmen
Energy (calories)........839 kcal


・Cold noodles
Energy (calorie)........503 kcal


Although the sugar content of Hiyashi Chuka is higher than that of soy sauce ramen, it is more moderate than that of cold tantanmen or cold noodles.

Compared to cold noodles that are topped with high-sugar toppings such as kimchi and fruits, Hiyashi Chuka's ingredients are mainly vegetables such as cucumbers and bean sprouts, which helps to keep the sugar content down.

On the other hand, Hiyashi Chuka is lower in calories than cold tantanmen, but higher in calories than soy sauce ramen or cold noodles. Let's take a look at the reasons for this.

What makes Hiyashi Chuka so high in calories?

One of the standard ingredients used in Hiyashi Chuka is loin ham, which at 196 calories per 100g is more caloric than roast pork in the same amount.
A generous amount of this topping will improve the taste and color of the dish, but if you are concerned about the calories, reduce the amount you use.

Noodles are another reason for the high calorie count in Hiyashi Chuka.
At 340kcal per serving (228g), these noodles account for more than 70% of the calories in Hiyashi Chuka, so to limit the amount of calories in your Hiyashi Chuka, be careful not to eat too many Noodles.

Also, the sesame sauce has more calories than the shouyu sauce and sesame sauce.

How to cut down on calories with Hiyashi Chuka

Reduce the amount of noodles.

As mentioned above, noodles make up the majority of the calories in Hiyashi Chuka. If you're on a diet, reduce the amount of noodles you eat.
For example, half a serving of noodles (114g) will cut 170 calories off of your body.

To keep your meal filling, replace noodles with low-sugar foods such as konnyaku noodles or shirataki, for example.

Add more vegetable toppings.

If you reduce the amount of Chinese noodles, you won't be able to eat as much. If you want to avoid this, add more vegetable toppings such as cucumbers, bean sprouts and tomatoes, all of which are standard ingredients in Hiyashi Chuka, and all of which have less than 20 calories per 100g. You can eat them in large portions.


On the other hand, don't add more loin ham, which is a high-calorie ingredient.

Be aware of the order in which you eat.

When eating Hiyashi Chuka while on a diet, be creative with the order in which you eat it. Avoid eating Chinese noodles first as they contain a lot of sugar. This will cause your blood sugar levels to spike and promote fat storage.

Our recommendation is to eat from vegetable toppings. Dietary fiber, which is found in vegetables, helps to reduce the spike in blood sugar levels. They are also chewy, which makes them easier to satisfy.

Eat your Hiyashi Chuka healthy!

Hiyashi Chuka has a refreshing taste, but its calorie count is higher than that of soy sauce ramen or cold noodles, so you may need to be creative when eating it on a diet.

Try not to eat too many noodles or arrange the toppings to cut down on calories.

For example, replace the loin ham, which is higher in calories than roast pork, with a salad chicken tenderloin.

For example, if you're looking for a low-calorie alternative to roast pork, try a recipe that uses vegetables and other low-calorie ingredients for a healthy meal of Hiyashi Chuka.

The famous phrase "I've started Hiyashi Chuka" is a great way to introduce yourself to Hiyashi Chuka, so please try saying "Hiyashi Chuka hajimemashita" in Japanese when you eat Hiyashi Chuka.

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