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●Why do you use Daikon oroshi for Japanese food? How to make Daikon oroshi?

Have you ever eaten grated daikon(radish) with Japanese food?
I think, "What is this white thing?"

Daikon oroshi is Grated radish

Daikon oroshi, which tends to be a supporting role, actually contains a lot of nutritional effects that you want to eat as the main ingredient.
Also, there is a custom of grilling and eating fish since ancient times in Japan.
Daikon oroshi was eating with grilled fish.

Why was Daikon oroshi eaten with grilled fish?

The reason is that grilled fish is always accompanied by daikon oroshi. In fact, this has a solid meaning.
The charred part of the fish contains a carcinogen called benzpyrene.

On the other hand, Daikon contains a substance called nitrate, which changes to nitrite when mixed with saliva. This is because this nitrite has a function to exterminate benzpyrene and discharge it outside the body.
Therefore, when eating grilled fish, it was found that eating Daikon oroshi together has a role that has a good effect on the body.

So why not eat Daikon as it is, but grate it?

The benefits of daikon oroshi

Efficient intake of nutrients

Daikon contains a spicy ingredient called "isothiocyanate".

This ingredient, in fact, comes out when you cut or grate it to break the cells. Since it is highly volatile (it dissolves easily in the air), it is necessary to eat early after grated, but if you focus on nutrition intake, Daikon oroshi is recommended.

Easy to eat with the daikon skin

Not only the Daikon but also the skin and the vicinity of the skin are filled with nutrients.

The most efficient way to eat is to thinly peel or eat without peeling, but it is a bit tough for those who are not familiar with eating.

Therefore, we recommend grated Daikon oroshi. If you remove the dirt and hair from the daikon with skin, you can eat it without feeling the texture or texture of the skin.

So, what kind of nutrition does Daikon oroshi contain?

Nutrition and benefits of grated daikon

Antibacterial action

A strong antibacterial action is recognized in the isothiocyanate, which is the pungent ingredient of daikon mentioned above.

In many cases, the purpose of utilizing this antibacterial action is to add Daikon oroshi to dishes and ingredients.

Gastrointestinal health maintenance

A component called "Diastase (Amylase)" contained in grated radish has the function of supporting digestion work.

It mainly helps to break down starch, so I would like to take it when eating rice.

In addition, isothiocyanate, which is a pungent ingredient, can be expected to have the effect of promoting secretion of gastric juice and regulating the intestinal function, which is also useful for maintaining gastrointestinal health.

Beauty effect

Daikon contains vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production. Vitamin C is a weak component to heat, so if you heat it you won't feel its effect well, but you can take it efficiently if you eat grated daikon.

I would like to make good use of Daikon oroshi to help generate collagen that forms the foundation of the skin.

Tips for suppressing the spiciness of daikon oroshi

Make at a site close to the leaves

The abundance of isothiocyanate, which is the pungent ingredient of daikon, varies depending on the part of the daikon.

If you don't want to spicy too much, we recommend making grated daikon near the leaves, where the amount of isothiocyanate is said to be low.

Put down time

Isothiocyanate is a component that has the property of being “volatile” that dissolves easily in the air.

If you like spicy food, it is recommended to grate it just before eating, but if you want to suppress spicy food, conversely, you can remove the spicy ingredient by leaving it for a while after grate.

How to make Daikon oroshi

Now, I would like to introduce how to make Daikon oroshi, which I care about here.


・Grated grater (plate)

Just wash the radish clean and grate with a grater.

Please make healthy and delicious Daikon oroshi.

Next, I will introduce Japanese cuisine using Daikon oroshi.


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