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●Yuzu kosho is Japanese seasoning, and introducing a recipe using Yuzu Kosho.

You peel the skin of a citron, chop it up, mix it with fresh green chilies and salt.
An all-purpose seasoning from the Kyushu area with a rich flavor.

Yuzu (Japanese citron) has a refreshing aroma and a spicy flavor.

 it's a pepper (Kosho)?

In some parts of the Kyushu area of the Japanese archipelago, chili was called "kosho" from olden times, and the name gradually became common.
And gradually the name became common.

There are still a lot of people in Japan who have never used it, and it is a little known seasoning in the world, but it is a necessary seasoning in the food culture of Kyushu area.

Here are some examples of dishes that use Yuzu kosho



・Boiled tofu
・Stew or hotpot dish

・seafood-based cuisine


・Udon and Soba

・Miso soup

It is popular as a supporting role in a wide range of dishes.

In recent years, Yuzu kosho can be found in Japanese supermarkets and Izakaya, and is used in a wide range of foods, such as Yuzu kosho sweets, convenience store side dishes and oden.

Cook at home with Yuzu kosho.

Do I have to come to Japan to try cooking with Yuzu kosho? I wonder. That's not true.
For example, you can grill the chicken with salt and pepper.
All you have to do is to eat the grilled chicken with Yuzu kosho. It's so easy to make.

This time I would like to share with you a special pasta dish that is one of the most popular in the world.


Asparagus and Bacon Japanese Pasta

Pasta with Yuzu kosho and asparagus.
Pasta in cream sauce is delicious, but sometimes you should try making Japanese style pasta at home. Adding Yuzu kosho to this dish makes it easy to make Japanese pasta.
You can enjoy the taste and texture of the asparagus with this simple seasoning, so you can feel the season.
It's easy to make, so it's great for lunch as well.


Ingredients (1 serving)
・Hot water (for boiling)・・・1000ml
・Salt (for boiling)・・・2 teaspoons
・Two asparagus.
☆Soy sause・・・1 teaspoon
☆Yuzu kosho・・・1/3 teaspoon
・Olive oil・・・1 tablespoon
・Nori (chopped)・・・to taste



1.Peel the tough asparagus at the base of the asparagus with a peeler and cut into 1cm wide slices.

Cut the bacon into 1cm wide slices.

2.Bring a pot of water to a boil, add salt and spaghetti and cook according to the package.

3. heat a pan over medium-high heat, add olive oil and saute the asparagus.

4.When the asparagus becomes soft, season with ☆ toss well, and remove from the heat.

5. Place in a bowl and top with nori.

Making Yuzu Kosho from scratch can be a challenge, but it's available on amazon.

If you want to taste the spiciness and flavor of yuzu, this is the Japanese seasoning for you.



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