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●Matcha!!Let's take in the effects of Matcha more effectively! What is the specific amount and when to drink?

Today, Matcha is loved all over the world, but more and more people are focusing on the benefits of Matcha and adopting it as a superfood.
I will introduce the effects of Matcha and how much it should be consumed in order to effectively incorporate the effects and the recommended timing for drinking!


A simple introduction to the benefits and benefits of Matcha!

There are more than 20 types of ingredients for Matcha, but I will briefly introduce the effects that I actually felt when drinking Matcha every day.

Alarm effect … by caffeine

Slightly sweets that are often used to wake up are called “wake-ups”, but in the morning we receive matcha tea and a small dish with this wake-up.

It may be because of customs and ritualization, but this will start the day! And I feel like I woke up.

Relaxing effect … by theanine

On a busy morning, the whole family has a cup of green tea.

I think that it takes only about 5 minutes in time, but at that time, I feel that I can relax in the relaxed air, and I can afford to relax.

Cold prevention effect … by vitamin C

Vitamins in tea? You may think that it contains not only vitamin C but also vitamin B2 and vitamin E.

Thanks to that, I rarely catch a cold throughout the year.

Influenza preventive effect … by catechin

I haven't been vaccinated for a while now because vaccination doesn't fit my body (the side effects are terrible). It may be thanks to catechin that I have never had the flu.

In addition to antivirals, catechins are antibacterial, antioxidant, antiallergic, anticancer, anti-dental fungus, blood pressure rise, blood sugar rise, blood cholesterol rise, and intestinal environment It is also attracting attention in the “Improvement of endophytic flora” (intestinal flora) improvement.

Throughout effect … by dietary fiber

I also benefit from catechin's “improvement of intestinal flora” (intestinal flora), and thanks to the dietary fiber of matcha, I am constipated.

No abnormality in colorectal cancer screening.

Deodorizing effect … by flavonoids

Don't you think that morning has a peculiar bad breath?

Even if I wash my face and brush my teeth, I ca n’t get rid of the bad smell of getting up from the stomach. But after having a cup of green tea in the morning, it's strange! It doesn't smell so much.

I'm so sensitive to odors that my family urges me to say, "Is it a dog?" I feel.

This is the best amount of matcha tea!


Take caffeine as an example.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says that it is better to reduce the daily intake of caffeine to 300-400 mg (1 g = 1000 mg). For pregnant women, less than 200 mg is recommended.

In addition, it is said that if you take 250 mg or more of caffeine a day, you will not be able to sleep = awakening action. It is possible.
Matcha contains about 32mg of caffeine per gram (see Food Standard Ingredients Table). Since a teaspoon of matcha is about 1.5 g, the caffeine content is about 48 mg, and 250 ÷ 48 ≒ 5.2. If you drink about 5 teaspoons a day, you can expect an effect.

However, in fact, it is often used without knowing caffeine, such as coffee and energy ring, without knowing it.

 The best time to drink matcha is in the morning!


Caffeine and theanine are the best matcha ingredients. Wake up crisply in caffeine, and relax with a theanine and start your day today.

I would definitely recommend drinking in the morning when I drink Matcha!

Of course, when you want to take a break in the afternoon tea time, or when you want to change your mood, it is fine, but if you take too much caffeine in the afternoon, you may not be able to sleep at night this time, so the timing of drinking matcha Is recommended in the morning.


This time, let's take in the effects of Matcha more effectively! What is the specific amount and when to drink? I briefly introduced the effect that I actually experienced! !

Also, taking caffeine as an example, referring to daily caffeine intake, this is the best amount of green tea that can be used, and the best time to drink matcha is in the morning. I also talked about that.

Matcha is a super food that Japan is proud of.

We would appreciate it if you could try Matcha at the morning awakening.

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