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●The most famous fruit-flavored konjak jelly in Japan.

In Japan, there is a healthy food made from konjak yam called "konjak".
It is a food that is often prepared as one of the stews in Japanese cuisine.
However, since konjak is very low in calories, it is attracting attention not only as a Japanese food but also as a diet food.

The konjak food that I would like to share with my readers that I am focusing on this time is

[the diet necessity fruit flavored konjak jelly]

There are grapes, muscats, pineapples, oranges and soda-flavored konjak jelly.
The konjak jelly introduced this time is a famous product in Japan.
As you can see in the picture, the shape is heart-shaped and packed one by one so that it is easy to eat.

The back side looks like this and no coloring is used.

I opened all the jellies and arranged them. Then, a jelly that looked delicious like this came out.

The texture is more elastic than the jelly made from gelatin, which you usually eat, because konjak is the raw ingredients. Therefore, it is likely to be swallowed. So pay attention to the photo.

Look at the transparent jelly other than grapes and oranges.
Do you see something in each jelly?
It contains fine jelly with different textures to prevent swallowing. (The texture is similar to nata de coco.)
Each one is made with careful attention, so you can eat with confidence.

What calories do you care about?

Konjak jelly has a low calorie of 6kcal to 8kcal, so it is a calorie that people who are weight management, weight loss, or dieting do not mind eating when they are hungry.

Konjak contains dietary fiber

Konjak is rich in dietary fiber, so this Konjak jelly is no exception.
Each dietary fiber content is 1.6g-1.7g.

Japanese konjak jelly is an indispensable food for dieting.

Konjak jelly, which represents Japan, has various fruit flavors and is a very delicious jelly with a light taste. It may be more like a jelly than a jelly, but it is one of the foods you should definitely try.

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