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●Great cooking recipe for fish sausage!

Last time, I wrote an article about fish sausage, which is a hot topic around the world.

This time, I will actually tell you how to eat fish sausage other than just eating it as it is.
I made three kinds of dishes this time.

1. Fish sausage piccata

This fish sausage piccata is made by dipping fish sausage in beaten egg with salt and pepper and baking it.

・Fish sausage (1 sausage)
・Salt and pepper (a little)
・Egg (1)


Beat the egg. Beat the egg. Add a little salt and pepper to it. Dip the cut fish sausage in the egg mixture and grill it on a greased pan. When they start to brown, dip them in the egg mixture and repeat the baking process.
It's very simple and can be eaten as is without anything on it, or with ketchup.

2. Ginger grilled fish sausage

This fish sausage is grilled with ginger and soy sauce.

・Fish sausage (1 sausage)
・Ginger (1 piece)
・Soy sauce (as needed)
・Grate the ginger

Fry the fish sausage in a pan with oil.
When it starts to brown, add the grated ginger and fry.
Sprinkle with soy sauce.
When you smell the fragrant aroma of soy sauce, turn off the heat and place on a plate.

3. Flower-shaped omelet

This dish makes the most of the color of the fish sausage.

・Fish sausage (1 piece)
・Egg (1)
・Dashi (a little)
・Salt (a little)

Beat the egg.
Heat oil in a frying pan and spread a thin layer of beaten egg on the pan.
Place the fish sausage on top.
Roll up so that the fish sausage is in the center.
Add more egg wash to make several layers of thinly-cooked eggs.
Wrap the egg rolls in plastic wrap and use five bamboo skewers to space them out, then secure with rubber bands and wait until cool.
Remove the rubber bands, bamboo skewers, and plastic wrap and cut.

As for the third flower-shaped omelet, you can use eggs alone without fish sausage. In Japan, some people include it in their children's lunch boxes.

Fish sausage is a versatile ingredient

Now you know that fish sausage can be cooked in many ways other than just eating it as it is. Fish sausage is sold in supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan, so if you find it in a supermarket or Asian food store in your town, please try making it.

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