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●Nori to sushi? Rice balls with nori? How to use nori‼

In the previous article, I told you about the nutrition of nori, but do you know how you eat nori in Japan? Here are some typical examples and unexpected usage.

The most used Nori meal in Japan

Rice ball “Onigiri”


First, in Japanese, rice ball is called “Onigiri”.
Onigiri is made by holding rice in a triangle.
How to make 0nigiri will be introduced in a separate article‼
Onigiri contains Umeboshi, baked salmon, and tuna.
The salt Onigiri, which is grasped only with salt, is also delicious with a simple taste.
Of course, it is often made at home, but there are Onigiri shops in department stores and shopping centers.
The store where you can buy Onigiri most easily is a convenience store in the city.
At convenience stores, Onigiri sells many kinds of ingredients.
My recommended Onigiri is grilled salmon Onigiri.


Norimaki is a nori roll that is rolled with nori, with takuan, natto, cucumber, eggs and tuna in the rice.
If you go to a sushi restaurant, you will find nori rolls. The rice used for laver rolls is basically made with vinegared rice with a slightly sweet taste of vinegar.
It tastes different from Onigiri.

How to call in Japanese

Cucumber nori roll → Kappamaki
Tuna nori roll → Tekkamaki
Natto nori roll → Nattoumaki

The nori roll that is especially popular with people coming from overseas is …

[Takuan nori roll]

Takuan in nori roll.

What is Takuan?
Takuan is a pickled radish pickled in sweet salt and dried in the sun. The texture is crisp.
It is a pickle that goes very well with rice, and visitors to Japan seem to be a strange sensation at first.



Sushi is a traditional Japanese food. Many people say “Sushi” when they ask “What do you know about Japanese food?”
The rice is vinegared rice, and raw fish [sashimi] is on it.
Sushi that uses Nori is [egg sushi] and [gunkan roll].
As shown in the photo, the warship roll has Nori wrapped around the rice, and Ikura, Uni, and Negitro are on board.How to call in Japanese

How to call in Japanese

salmon eggs…Ikura
sea urchin… Uni
Minced tuna roll…Negitoro

Sushi is easy to eat because there are sushi restaurants in the city. There is also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant where you can eat sushi at a reasonable price, starting at 100 yen~ ($ 1~).
Of course, there are many high-class sushi restaurants, so we recommend that you make an advance reservation.
There are also convenience stores where you can buy sushi, so check it out when you go to a convenience store.


Did you know how to use Nori?
There are many other ways to use hand-rolled sushi and Nori.
Even if you eat it as it is, it is delicious and rich in minerals, so it is recommended for dieting. When you come to Japan, you can easily buy them at supermarkets.

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